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How rich is Bill Gates?

Name: William Henry Gates III
Born: October 28th, 1955
Occupation: Entrepreneur

Bill Gates at Consumer Electronics Show January 4, 2006
Bill Gates at Consumer Electronics Show

Bill Gates first showed great promise at the age of 13 when he began showing deep interest in computer programming. Before this however, his family was quite concerned with his behavior. He was not a problem child by any means, but his parents were concerned with his seemingly withdrawn social attitude which marked him as a loner. Because of these concerns they decided to put Bill in a Prep School so he would develop other interests outside of what was offered in prep school. He excelled in all areas of his schooling, especially when it came to computers. All his free time was spent working on computers. At this new school, Bill met Paul Allen and the rest is history. With the help of Paul, Bill Gates built Microsoft from the bottom up and in the year he made his first million, he also made his first billion! Microsoft grew faster than anyone could have anticipated. With all of Bill’s projects, his net worth now is around $49 billion dollars. It would be more but in 2011, Bill gave billions of dollars away to charities. Kind hearted and rich? What a catch!

So how much does $49 billion add up to?

If Bill Gates was so inclined, he could do some extensive travelling. In fact, if he had a 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) home on the moon, he could afford a whole new Apollo programme – in fact at $24 billion he could afford two new Apollo programmes.

And if you are the largest shareholder of Microsoft, you may like to squeeze apples.  So instead of going to the moon 49 million times, maybe he would rather spend his money on 9,800,000,000 bags of one pound organic apples. That should keep Bill juiced for longer than he will be on the planet!

Apples are not the only thing Bill loves. His other favourite food is hot dogs. Depending on the brand he was to go with, he could make off with 24,500,000,000 hot dogs. If he was to eat 10 hot dogs per day, that would last him 6 712 328 years.  Yup.  That is six million years of hot dog eating.  Talk about a massive appetite! If this makes you green with envy, try not to be too jealous. After all, who want to drink apple juice and eat wieners alone in their moon house?

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  1. why would someone want a house on the moon

  2. bob billion was high when writing that…i know i am. i would get myself 23,000,000 pounds of weed with the money. get high forever

  3. You can’t get higher than the moon dude,£££££££££££££

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  9. May be God gives them more money and health and happiness because their hard work but if was me I who had this wort of money one day in the future, I would seen them poor I should had make them their dream came true and their was no poor anywhere.

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