How Rich is Tori Spelling?

Name: Victoria Davey “Tori” Spelling
Born: May 16, 1973
Occupation: Heiress, Actress, Author, Producer

Tori Spelling. Photo: NYCArthur

Victoria Davey “Tori” Spelling is the oldest child and only daughter of prolific and beloved television producer Aaron Spelling and his wife Candy. Spelling began acting in her father’s television programs at a young age and was a teenager herself when cast in the role of Donna Martin in Beverly Hills, 90210.  The show was produced in part by her father’s company Spelling Television and one long running rumor is that the character remained a virgin on the show until the final episode of the seventh season because her father demanded it.

Spelling had been given guest starring roles in several of her father’s shows including The Love Boat, Saved by the Bell, and T.J. Hooker, but the role of Donna Martin is the one she is most remembered for. She reprised the role in 2009’s 90210 spinoff of the original series.

As a child, Spelling lived with her parents in what was often referred to as the Spelling mansion, a home so famous that in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the title character was supposed to live across the street from it.  In adulthood,  Spelling has had a number of roles in made for television movies and a string of reality television shows with second husband Dean McDermott.

When her father died in 2006, many people anticipated that Tori and brother Randy would be the primary recipients of his estimated $500 million fortune, but both have since claimed that they received only about $800,000. Tori had a long-standing and very public estrangement from her mother who served as executor of Aaron Spelling’s will.

Spelling and McDermott have four children together, two boys and two girls, and McDermott has an older son from a previous marriage. Spelling has authored several books, including her autobiography which spent time on the New York Times’ bestseller list and was named the top autobiography of 2009. In the most recent book and on her reality show True Tori, Spelling has claimed that she has not learned how to live with her caviar tastes on a “Midwest budget.”  Her money troubles, including spending earnings from her television appearances and book advances, left the actress claiming in 2013 that she had less than a million dollars.

In April, 2015, while at Benihana to celebrate Easter with her family, Spelling fell into the hibachi grill receiving extensive burns. Some reports claim she will require skin grafts for the burns.

Her current net worth is estimated at $1.5 million.

How much is $1.5 million?

Spelling has listed poor real estate decisions as a part of her personal financial crisis. With just $1.5 million, she could afford a nice Midwestern home or a small bungalow in southern California.


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