How Rich is Patrick Dempsey?

Name: Patrick Galen Dempsey
Born: January 13, 1966
Occupation: Actor and Race Car Driver

patrick dempsey
Patrick Dempsey, 2008. Wikipedia


Patrick Galen Dempsey has been an actor for the better part of 30 years, but he is most well-known for the character that got killed off in the spring of 2015 – Dr. Derek “McDreamy” Sheppard on Grey’s Anatomy.

How exactly Dempsey’s character came to be on the chopping block has been the subject of much tabloid speculation, but prior to his character’s injury and subsequent death in a car accident, Dempsey had spoken at great lengths about wanting to pursue opportunities outside the show. That may not have set well with show creator, executive producer, head writer and showrunner Shonda Rhimes. Rhimes has been very open about her disdain for diva stars since her run-in with former Grey’s star Katherine Heigl.

Dempsey’s death on the show has left the cast and fans alike wishing for a different ending for the character dubbed Dr. McDreamy.

The role of McDream came later in Dempsey’s career, with teen and college comedies being his staples of work in the late 1980s and 1990s. His 11-year term on the medical drama transformed the actor’s career in more than just financial ways. After landing the role on Grey’s Anatomy, Dempsey seemed more accepted as a leading man with roles in Enchanted and Made of Honor.

Dempsey was born in Maine and is the youngest of three children. In January, 2015, he split with his second wife, make-up artist Jillian Fink. The couple has three children together. Dempsey had previously been married to a woman twice his age. Rocky Parker was his mentor and the mother of one of his close friends. While married to her, he had a stepson a year older than he was.

Dempsey and Fink married before he landed the role on Grey’s Anatomy which is considered to be responsible for the majority of his wealth. Some sources speculate he could lose much of his $40 million to her in the divorce.

How much is $40 million?

Dempsey’s other love is race car driving and he drove the Indianapolis 500 pace car in 2007. With $40 million he could afford the annual engine costs for about 40 Indy cars.


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