How Rich is Oliver Hudson?

Name: Oliver Rutledge “Ollie” Hudson
Born: September 7, 1976
Occupation: Actor

Oliver Hudson, 2008. Photo: Calliopejen1
Oliver Hudson, 2008. Photo: Calliopejen1

Oliver Rutledge “Ollie” Hudson is an actor, like his mother Goldie Hawn and the man he calls, “Pa,” Kurt Russell. He ignited a firestorm of controversy with his biological father of Father’s Day, 2015, sending a Instagram message to sister Kate Hudson wishing her a “Happy abandonment day” accompanying a picture of the two Hudsons and their father, musician Bill Hudson.

The two younger Hudsons followed up with messages to “Pa” Kurt Russell wishing him a Happy Father’s Day. In the subsequent weeks, the elder Hudson claimed his ex-wife poisoned his children against him and that he would now consider them dead to him. Both of the younger Hudsons have said they think of Russell as their father.

When he’s not involved a family feud, Ollie is an actor, with current roles in both Nashville  and Scream Queens. He was previously on Rules of Engagement for six years and has had roles in a number of movies including, most recently, Grown Ups 2 and Walk of Shame.

Ollie married Erin Bartlett in 2006, in a wedding officiated by a Buddhist monk.  They have three children, sons Wilder Brooks and Bodhi Hawn and daughter Rio Laura. Ollie is an avid golfer and in 2005 made it to the Main Event at the World Series of Poker, but went broke on the first hand.

Hudson has been teaching his children to be charitable while they are young, celebrating Wilder’s third birthday by helping the youngster decide which of his toys to keep and which should be donated to other children.

He is worth an estimated $10 million, but with two television shows on the air, that number is only likely to rise.

How much is $10 million?

As an avid golfer, Ollie might want to consider saving his money for a few more years before buying his own course. Estimates say a nine-hole course can cost more than a million dollars and an average 18-hole course can cost more than $3 million. While Ollie could buy three of those, the best golf course sell for three or four times as much money as he has.


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