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How Rich is Charles Ebersol?

Name: Charles Duncan “Charlie” Ebersol
Born: December 1982
Occupation: Reality Television Producer

charlie ebersol
Charlie Ebersol, January 2015. Photo: Brendan Kownacki

Charles Duncan “Charlie” Ebersol is the son of actress Susan St. James and Duncan “Dick” Ebersol, but he is currently best known as Britney Spears’ ex-boyfriend.

Charlie began producing movies while a student at Notre Dame University, creating the documentary Ithuteng:Never Stop Learning. The film won the Toronto Film Festival’s OneXOne award and is said to have inspired Oprah Winfrey to donate $1.4 million to the Itheteng School Trust. While at Notre Dame in 2004, he was also involved in plane crash which killed his younger brother, the pilot and the flight attendant. Charlie is credited with rescuing his father from the wreckage.

After graduating, Charlie turned his attention to sports related documentaries, making “Don’t Look Down” about the life of Olympic gold medalist Shaun White and “Tradition Never Graduates” about Notre Dame football.

In 2009 he created and then sold his first production company, named the Saint James Company for his mother. He also co-created and was executive producer for “The Wanted,” his first reality television series. Ebersol would go on to work on “The Great Escape,” and “Off the Grid: Million Dollar Manhunt,” before creating “The Moment.”

By 2012, he was considered one of reality televisions top 50 producers. The same year, he celebrated his 30th birthday by hosting Charlieland, a fundraiser for charity: water, a group ostensibly committed to providing clean drinking water is less developed nations. He has also been very involved with Frist Lady Michelle Obama and Bradley Cooper with the charity, Got Your 6.

Ebersol has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

How much is $5 million?

Charity: water estimates the end cost of getting clean drinking water to a single person in an undeveloped nation is about $20. With $5 million, Charlie could provide clean drinking water for 250,000 people.


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