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How Rich Is Dan Dotson from Storage Wars

Name: Dan Dotson (Danny Allan Dotson)
Born: 1963
Occupation: Professional auctioneer, fast talker, television presenter, and business man.

Dan and Laura Dotson, A&E, fair use.
Dan and Laura Dotson, A&E, fair use.

Dan Dotson and his wife Laura Dotson (born Laura Christine Payton, 1968) are well-known to all fans of the A&E reality television show “Storage Wars”. As the auctioneers on the show, they are responsible for opening the lockers and selling them to the highest bidders at a pace that is almost impossible to keep track of without the show’s producers helpfully displaying the bids on screen.

Dan was born into auctioneering. His maternal grandfather, Sam Fancher, was a farm auctioneer in the Ozark Mountains region of northwest Arkansas, and Dan was often asked to assist during the auctions. Dan started American Auctioneers in 1983, though it was not incorporated as a company in CA until 2000, the same year he married Laura.

Dan and Laura currently lives in Yucaipa, California.

It would appear that auctioneering is a lucrative business, and although the exact figure is not known, it is rumoured that Dan and Laura receive an estimated $675 000 per season from A&E (though the figure for the first two seasons was much lower). Between his business and his TV work, we estimate that Dan and Laura Dotson has a net worth of $ 6.5 million.

How much is $ 6.5 million?

In Zimbabwe, in case Dan Dotson and his wife ever tires of California, the average wage is $253 a month. It would 2,200 people working for a full year to make as much money as Dan and Laura’s net worth.

On the other hand, the most expensive mobile phone ever made, the Diamond Rose iPhone 4 32GB (now rather outdated), cost $ 8 million. Even if Dan and Laura sold all their possessions, they’d still be $ 1.5 million short.

If Dan and Laura Dotson like milk, $ 6.5 million would buy roughly 2.1 million gallons of skimmed milk. That is roughly enough to fill 3.5 Olympic sized swimming pools.

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  1. Darlene cantrell

    I really like this show but don’t like hester he s just trouble.

  2. Dan & Laura Dotson……Hello from small town, Mirror, Alberta. You two are the dynamic duo of Storage Wars.You compliment each other perfectly.Just love your opening speech on every épisode Dan. There’s charisma oozing out of both of you like no other auctioneers.Keep up the good work!!!!! We love you up here in Alberta.

  3. Dan Dotson is a fucking asshole and boy does he like to jack up the prices for storage units so he can get a higher commission.

  4. Dan was chatting me up the other day but he was was to fast!!

  5. Geraldine harbinson

    Hate dave love the others except the German guy can’t remember his name lol

  6. What happened when Dave Hester dropped your butt then hit your wife Laura? You needed to sue that Asshole! Of course he always raises the bids to make people pay more, so you make more. Can’t believe you put up with that Ass—-!
    Watch the show once in awhile.
    Fans, Frank & Karen AZ

  7. Mickey brown

    Dave is the best i wish he would come to florida and bid on units with me

  8. Donna Wilson

    Seriously? Have any of you attended a REAL auction? Storage Wars is not “reality TV” We (yes, I say “we” because I am an auctioneer as well) are hired to sell the stuff that people care about. Its a very sad industry. But….we try to make it entertaining to say the least.

  9. Dave Hester is a ass I feel sorry for Dan and Laura having to put up with this idiot who thinks he should have it all watching the episodes over the last few years he has grabbed some cracking units ,made a lotta greenbacks and still is not happy ,Iam Scottish and love the show (keep it up guys )tell Hester what he should do is sell his BIGASS!!!!! As a rent boy .sorry for the rude words ,Go Dan&Laura who is a babe

  10. The cast is great, wonderful. Every single 1 gives it a very unique touch to the show. Luv u jarod, brandi, ivy, dave, darell & son, barry, rene, casey, mary, dan, & laura.

  11. It’s fun to watch Storage Wars, less we forget that a lot of what really happens to individuals and families that originally use these units is that they lose their storage and are forced to leave it to the vultures. Some places charge exorbitant late fees so it makes it tough for some people to pay up. It’s a good way to lose your family heirlooms, photos and more. It’s a win win situation for the Storage owners

  12. Feel sorry for Dave Hester. He must have had some very hurtful things happen to him to be so nasty. He must have been really hurt and he now guards his feelings. Just my thought.

  13. Mmmm Brandi, would I love to do YOU!!! 😉

  14. The only thing that keeps me from hating Hester (I already despise him) is knowing that God will get him eventually. And God can hand him his ass on a silver platter.

  15. I agree w JUDY. Dave is an asshole. Some people have to put others down to make themselves feel better. Business is business but you all have same goal. I’ts stupid to not be friendly, wirh your competition. “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer” (cliche goes along way!)

  16. Great show. The only thing I hate more than Hester is Laura Dotson yelling WHOOOOO! like 6000 times an episode. Im sure she is a nice lady and I have never ever wanted to strike a woman but she is like sand in my teeth when she starts with that crap! I dont think we need annoying crap like that in the show. Is she afraid she is insignificant? Needs to be remembered? PLEASE STOP THAT CRAP!

  17. Richard Marquez

    I Love them all… their all celebrities now!!! So it’s all Good… a fun show to watch!! 😎

  18. James Anderson

    Laura is a babe .

  19. James Anderson

    I think Laura is a babe

  20. Kelly
    Pay for $3. 50 my gift yes dan Dotson

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