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How rich is Ivy Calvin from Storage Wars?

Name: Ivy Calvin (Ivy L Calvin)
Born: 10 September 1971
Occupation: Reality TV star, Business owner.

Ivy Calvin from Storage Wars, A&E publicity photo, fair use.
Ivy Calvin from Storage Wars, A&E publicity photo, fair use.

Ivy Calvin joined the A&E reality television show “Storage Wars” for the fifth series in 2013, but was already known to fans after a few guest appearances during the third and fourth season. Big, loud and certainly not lacking in self-confidence he certainly makes his presence noticed.

Ivy Calvin runs a thrift store in Palmdale called Granma’s Attic. It is known for its quick turnover thanks to Ivy’s constant influx of merchandise and dedicated customers. Running a thrift store usually involves a lot of lifting and carrying, but this is hardly likely to scare Ivy. Before turning his never ending energy to storage lockers, Ivy played football as a linebacker for Cal State Northridge and had a brief encounter with Mixed Martial Arts as an MMA fighter.

Ivy currently lives in in Acton, California. We won’t give you the full address, but you can easily find his house on Google Maps – it is the one with 3 acres of used furniture, old dishwasher and junk in the garden.

Ivy joined Storage Wars at a time when the production company was keen to replace some of the old stars with new, cheaper cast members. While some of the top cast members have been paid more than $ 800 000 per season, Ivy is paid much less than this. The exact figure is not known, but the rumour indicates a figure around $ 175 000 per season.

Taking into account his reality show salary, the profit of his shop and the value of his home in Acton, we estimate Ivy Calvin’s net worth at $ 850 000.

How much is $ 850 thousand?

Compared to some of the top earners of the Storage War show, such as Dan Dotson, Barry Weiss, Dave Hester, Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante, $ 850 000 is not much. It is still, however, a nice pile of cash. In fact if Ivy were to cash it all in as one cent coins, it would stack 135,608 yards (124 kilometres) high. Outer space starts at 100 kilometres, so Ivy’s stack would look quite impressive.

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  1. wish I was close to someone.I like to buy thing or just visit a shop.I see lots of thing I like to buy.any body have on licensee and buy on line?

  2. that was on line shopping?

  3. This guy was a shitty ultimate fighter with 3-3 record and he is pretty shitty at storage auction game too.

  4. Hey “donald” I bet he would beat your ass. And I would bet he has more in the bank than you too sir Donald. You trolls need to go somewhere else. I am sorry that you are poor and a pussy but he is on TV and you troll the Internet. So, basically, you suck and he doesn’t.

  5. Actually steve I am a polymath. So go fuck yourself.

  6. Hey Steve, there is enough of a sample size to see that Ivy Calvin is barely making ends meet in the storage auction game. You seem to be a person who like to defend mediocre people like Ivy Calvin, so you must be some piece of shit yourself. Go fuck yourself Steve.

  7. Ivy est marrant, c’est déjà ça. Dommage qu’il n’aime pas Mary, mais c’est peut-être une posture pour l’émission.

  8. Je ne m’attendais pas à lire un commentaire d’un francophone ici !

  9. my favorite places to shop is thrift stores

  10. Donald, you suck

  11. Hey ivy just seen u on storage wars and u priced a box of Lego for 20 bucks iff its original Lego its worth big but by buuuckssss lol

  12. Hey Donald, idk you but I love you. Anybody that dislikes poison ivy as much as I do is A. O. K in my world. I love watching storage wars but as soon as I see his tacky, immature acting, nappy bearded ass face I HAVE to turn the channel.

    • Sounds like “Daprincess” is Da-racist. Its wild that you let a person on television dictate weather you change the channel or not, or what television show you do or don’t watch. Its amazing the things racism will make a person think, and in turn do. I feel sorry for you.

  13. Clarence Hann IV

    Why is ivy and mary no on the introduction. Just asking.

  14. Well Ivy, you cool with me. You seem very happy doing your own thing..some people just really should keep their negativity to them selves .

  15. Helen Morgan

    I would love to meet IVI. He is so funny a true man for me.

  16. YaMamafavdic

    Racist bitches, but he is a fucking dummy. Silly ass

  17. I love the show, Renee tends to unnerve me a bit and so does his wife but it dont matter. And as far as Ivy, He cracks me up as well as the rest of the cast.

  18. Wow, let me click on dave’s info to see what people think about him because he is the most disliked!

  19. This was is an idiot. No he’s not an MMA star, only fought once and beat a guy that had no wins. Certainly not a pro football player. He only played a while for a tier 2 or 3 college. He’s certainly not a real storage war star, without the help of the show. He has no skills other than thinking he’s special. Which he’s not. Make Kenny full time and dumpy this loser!

  20. He’s a genius

  21. Tulip1961

    I enjoy watching Storage Wars. I miss it when it’s not on. Barry is loud and obnoxious.

  22. Tulip1961

    Oops.. I got the name wrong. The loud and obnoxious one is Darrell Sheet.

  23. He’s definitely not a genius, I was watching some of the reruns and he goes through and prices stuff at $10.-$20. But I think with a little clean-up, like the Singer sewing machines, he would make some real money. But he’s funny. The one I can’t stand is the annoying Yupp guy Dave something, but it’s just a show!

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