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How rich is Rene Nezhoda from Storage Wars?

Name: Rene Nezhoda
Born: April 5th 1977
Occupation: Reality TV star, author, business owner.

Rene Nezhoda and Casey Nezhoda, A&E, fair use.
Rene Nezhoda and Casey Nezhoda, A&E, fair use.

Rene Nezhoda first appeared on the A&E television show Storage Wars as a recurring character during the 4th season and joined as a regular cast member for the 5th season. Though his official A&E profile claims that he “hails from the San Diego area” viewers quickly started commenting on his German accent – not particularly typical for the San Diego area. Rene was in fact born in Austria and grew up in Frankfurt, Germany. Rene Nezhoda moved to the US when his father, the (not so very well-known) actor Gunter Nezhoda, emmigrated from Germany in 1990.

On the show Rene regularly appears together with his wife Casey Nezhoda, particularly during the last half of each episode when the cast members are attempting to establish the value of items they have found. Together they run the 7,200 square feet Bargain Hunters Thrift Store LLC at the Carriage Center West Shopping Center in Poway, California.

Rene has great deal of knowledge of the value of second hand items, having been in the thrift store business almost his entire life. He has published a price guide on Limited Edition Casino Chips.

Some of the more famous starts of Storage Wars are paid more than $ 800,000 per season by A&E. Rene Nezhoda is getting less than that, though, having joined the show at a time when the production company was looking to replace some of the old stars with new, cheaper cast members. According to rumours, Rene and Casy Nezhoda are currently paid $ 187,000 per season of the show.

We estimate Rene Nezhoda’s net worth at $ 1.9 million, though a substantial part of that is tied up in his business.

So how much is $ 1,900,000 dollars really?

$ 1.9 million is about twice the net worth of his co-star Ivy Calvin, but much less than many of the original cast members, such as Dan Dotson, Barry Weiss and Dave Hester.

$ 1.9 million will buy you nearly 3,000 iPhone 6 and about 8,000 tickets from San Diego to Miami, just in case Rene feels like going away for a while. It will buy 63,000 dozen eggs, nearly 40,000 Big Macs and 2,375,000 pounds of potato.

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  1. Hi René and Casy..It’s nice to see you two come aboard Storage Wars. You guys add quite a bit of spice to an already spicy show. This Is definitely a good thing ’cause my wife and I are getting bored with Darrel Sheets. His comments are getting old. His antics even older.So welcome you two .We have a renewed interest in the show now that you’re there. V.L. & D.L. from Mirror , Alberta

  2. Rene and Jarrod are the only likable characters on storage wars. It is probably the only reason why I still watch the show. Dave Hester is a fucking idiot. What would be great to see on Storage Wars is Dave Hester losing hundreds of thousands of dollars on a storage unit. I would pay to see that episode of Storage Wars. The same goes for Darrell Sheets and that fucking asshole son of his. To see a human being mired in back breaking debt is something I would pay to see especially for majority of the characters on Storage Wars. These people are such assholes and they deserve to be in debt.

  3. Hey Rene. on the episode on 11/10/15 I saw you finding a couple of Roman helmets, and you said they were going on sale for bout $100.00 each, if you still have them, I’m in trested in buying them so please contact me ASAP.

  4. The writers clearly choose to portray Rene and Mary as in-funny geeks. Their lines are just insipid appearing to humor Mary or Rene but going over like lead balloons to the game other actors and the audience. Only the WWE writes dialogue this stupid for its players. And YUP Dumb Bass Dave has to play the hated heavy. It does but me a bit that they use a man who is so obviously gay to be the partner of the dumb blonde, loaded to the brim with silicone ta-ta’s. Rene is a “Bear” in gay terminology a very effeminate one at that. Any one see any epidones of the two hugging or kissing? Course not. And when he tries to toss a snowball limp wrisred style, no one is fooled.

  5. Westbrooks

    Rene is gay as they come and all he lays is pipe with men. The fat ass needs to go on a diet

  6. I watch to see Dave being a dick. He really showed his dick head personality when he picked a fight with the Auctioneers wife. What a scum bag

  7. Don’t like u René but ur wife is hot

  8. I can’t stand Rene, don’t get rid of the original (except for Mary and Ivy)I like them

  9. Wow you grew up in Frankfurt ? Loved going shopping there when I was young, I lived about 15 miles from Frankfurt in Gross Gerau. Don’t you miss good old Germany ? I been here since 1978 and live in Pennsylvania,.

  10. Thanks for another season. Please continue the show, this is goof reality tv. Have fun everyone.

  11. Thanks for another season. Please continue the show, this is good reality tv. Have fun everyone. Mary, Brandy, Casey and Nabilia what’s not to like?

  12. Hasn’t anyone else noticed how Rene inflates the value on items he pulls out? I noticed 3or 4 neon beer signs that he quoted $100 and $200 prices and the tubing was broken. They were worth nothing. What a scam!

  13. Mary is silly but so hot, I bet she is much different off the show. Very sexy, great hot body, are you married?

  14. I quit watching the show when they took K.C. off and Brandy started dressing like an old lady and worst of all, someone didn’t smash that asshole Hester.

  15. God dammm, nezhoda isnt German surname ! !! Nezhoda is Czech/slovakian od Polish nezhoda=niezgoda thats mean not consent. .. in our languag, i cant hear this bullshit that hes German.

  16. Heather Baker

    This guy is a garbage person. I can’t stand him, his cocky attitude and eagerness to screw people over is obnoxious. Hopefully it’s an act or he’s just a POS person!

  17. I hate that fat pig and his wife

  18. Wenden Wrocław

    Nezhoda is name Cechy no Germany

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