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How rich is Randy Barks from Sons of Winter?

Name: Randy Barks (Randy Reginald Allen Barks)
Born: Jan 5th, 1969
Occupation: Reality TV star, author, trapper, publisher.

Randy Barks. Discovery Channel, fair use.
Randy Barks. Discovery Channel, fair use.

Randy Barks was born in Saskatchewan, Canada, on Jan 5th 1969. His father, Dale Barks, was a logger. Randy completed a bachelor degree in English at the University of Saskatchewan. He also completed a second bachelor degree in education.

While studying, Randy met his future wife Tara-Lynn. They have three sons: Dale Barks, Shane Barks and Kole Barks. The Barks family live as homesteaders, having rejected modern living and instead choosing to live off the grid and maintain an almost prairie lifestyle in northern Saskatchewan.

The Barks family became famous when the production company Gurney Productions decided to make a reality show about their lifestyle and winter struggles. The show was later sold to Discovery Channel. The first episode aired on Discovery on April 28th, 2015.

On the TV show Randy Barks and his family may appear to completely reject all modern amenities. In reality, though, Randy runs the Deer Tracking Magazine and has been actively involved in dear farming for many years.

Randy Barks, though by no means extremely wealthy, is not without means, though. Our sources indicate that between his early deer farming experiments, the magazine and the money generated by the Suns of Winter TV show, Randy has assets of about $ 350,000.

So how much is $ 350,000 dollars really?

Although hardly a fortune, $ 350,000 will last a long time when you live nearly entirely as a homesteader. It will buy, for example, roughly 270,000 cartridges for a shotgun, or 850 designer Mink Fur & Leather Trapper Hats.



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