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How rich is Alexa Chung?

Name: Alexa Chung
Born: November 5, 1983
Occupation: Model, TV Personality, Journalist, Editor

Alexa Chung at the Twenty8Twelve fashion show. Photo: LGEPR.
Alexa Chung at the Twenty8Twelve fashion show. Photo: LGEPR.

Alexa Chung is a well-known British television personality and much sought after model. She hit the ground running and her career began to skyrocket after her first appearances in Elle Girl and Cosmo Girl. She was signed with Storm Model Management and was the face of Fanta, Tampax and Urban Outfitters, just to name a few major companies with whom she worked. Alexa also appeared in quite a few professional music videos with artists including Reuben, The Streets, Holly Vance and Westlife.

After getting burned out from modeling and suffering from low self-esteem and having a poor body image of herself, Alexa quit modeling for nearly four years. In 2008, she hit the catwalk once again and sported fashions from Antipodeum, Oxfam and Vivian Westwood’s collections. Chung was a highly coveted commodity in the modeling world and the fees she was paid reflects that desirability. Alexa also broke into the world of television when she co-hosted Popworld and also hosted many special programs for TV4. She also became a reporter for Gok’s Fashion Fix and Frock Me. Chung also earns a living through journalism. Roughly, Alexa Chung’s net worth is estimated to be around 8 Million dollars.

So, how much is 8 Million dollars really?

If Alexa Chung decided to sell off all of her assets and do a good deed, she could purchase 64,100 Kindle Fire readers and supply each and every resident of the borough of Newham in London with one. Hopefully, she would allow those people free Vogue online subscriptions so that the readership would increase and she could start making all of that money back fast!

Should Alexa decide not to be generous to others and spend all of that money on herself, she might opt to take a nice vacation in the beautiful Bahamas. Considering the Atlantis is the most prestigious hotel in Nassau, she would probably like to stay there. The best suite in the Atlantis, the Bridge Suite costs 25 thousand dollars per night. Alexis could vacation in luxury for 320 days! Now that’s one heck of a vacation!

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