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How rich is Chloe Moretz?

Name: Chloe Grace Moretz
Born: February 10, 1997
Occupation: Actor, Model

Chloe Grace Moretz. Photo: Joella Marano.
Chloë Grace Moretz at the Hugo Premiere, New York City. Photo: Joella Marano.

Chloe Moretz realized that she had a love for acting when she was about five years old. Her brother was accepted into the Professional Performing Arts School in New York City. In 2004, Chloe and her family relocated to Los Angeles and her professional acting career began. Her first role was that of Molly in the movie The Heart of the Beholder. In the same year, Moretz played Chelsea Lutz in a remake of the well-known movie, Amityville Horror and was in Today You Die. 2006 brought her roles in three more flicks, Big Momma’s House 2, Room 6 and Wicked Little Things. The next year brought four more movies including The Cure, The Third Nail, Hallowed Ground and Super Sleuth Christmas Movie. In 2008, Chloe played in The Eye, The Poker House and the animated film Bolt. Her career and her screen time began to increase. Some of her major roles have been Angie Stedman in Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Abby in Let Me In, Isabelle in Hugo, Carolyn Stoddard in Dark Shadows, Carrie White in the remake of Stephen King’s Carrie and (500) Days of Summer co-starring with Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Aside from the money that Chloe earned in films, she has also had numerous television roles. She’s appeared on My Name Is Earl, Desperate Housewives with co-actress Eva Longoria, Dirty Sexy Money, 30 Rock with Tina Fey and Punk’d, just to name a few. Moretz has also appeared in some music videos including Answer To Yourself by The Soft Pack, Our Deal by Best Coast and Ouch by Dionne Brumfield. Chloe also provided the voice of Young Lady Emily for the video game, Dishonored. Although Chloe Moretz is only fifteen years old, her estimated net worth is about 4 Million dollars!

So, how much is 4 Million dollars really?

If Chloe Moretz wanted to spend all of her money, she could easily do so and help tons of people with their transportation problems. Since the average tire for a sedan costs around 70 dollars, she could buy 57,142 good, radial tires. That is enough tires to install on 14,285 cars. She could put her money where the rubber meets the road and pay for new tires for all of the cars in the town of Iselin, New Jersey!

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