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How rich is Jamie Cuaca?

Name: Jamie Chua Cuaca

Born: Southeast Asia

Occupation: Socialite, entrepreneur, housewife

Jamie-CuacaJamie Cuaca is an Indonesian-Chinese socialite, married and subsequently divorced from Nurdian Cuaca.  Prior to marrying Cuaca, Jamie was an airline stewardess. Their marriage lasted for fifteen years and they share two children. She is the owner of the Manolo Blahnik boutique and currently lives in Singapore.

The primary source of her wealth is her marriage and divorce from Nurdian Cuaca’s whose assets include real estate in Hong Kong valued at over $15 million. He also has other private investments estimated to be worth around $80 million.

The cash she obtained from her divorce settlement enabled Jamie to start her boutique that has been quite successful. It is believed that she gets approximately $450,000 a month from her ex-husband. She is also reported to have quite a lavish lifestyle spending around $17,000 per day.

She lives in a 2.5 storey house with her two children and parents. The house is also quite glamorous with a swimming pool, a wine cellar and a walk-in wardrobe believed to be as big as the attached master bedroom.

Jamie, known as the Queen of Instagram is not shy about displaying her wealth and luxurious lifestyle. She apparently leads a picture-perfect life, which she has no qualms showcasing on her Instagram. With 89,000 followers, Jamie is considered to be one of the top Instagram fashionistas in Singapore. She posts pictures of herself in her expense designer outfits, her exorbitantly priced handbags and shoes and her latest purchases.

Thirty-six-year-old Jamie Cuaca not only managed to get a hefty divorce settlement but also managed to freeze her ex-husband’s $93 million worth of assets. Nurdian Cuaca accused her of fraud and when he cancelled Jamie’s monthly maintenance and supplementary, it was Jamie’s attorneys who managed to apply and obtain maintenance and freezing of his own assets. Nuridan Cuaca was ordered by a judge to transfer $3.2 million to Indonesia. He also attempted to pass of the money as his sister’s without any luck and tried to close off his shoe business and dispose off his family automobiles and wine collection.

We estimate that Jamie’s net worth is $80 million (2015).

So how much is $80 million really?

$80 million can buy you hundreds of thousands of shopping trips. $80 million can also buy you more than 1,200 Hermes Birkin bags, an item that she is very fond of.


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