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How rich is Elle Fanning?

Name: Mary Elle Fanning
Born: April 9, 1998
Occupation: Actress

Elle Fanning at  Festival del cinema di Venezia. Photo: Daniela Elle (Flicr).
Elle Fanning at Festival del cinema di Venezia. Photo: Daniela Elle (Flicr).

Elle Fanning began her acting career shortly before she turned three years old. Most of her early roles were playing a younger version of her very popular sister, the actress Dakota Fanning. In 2002, Elle got her first role without having to be in the shadow of her older sister. She played the little girl named Jamie in the comedy movie, Daddy Day Care (co-starring Eddie Murphy) and Ruth Cole in The Door in the Floor. In 2005, Elle did a voice over in My Neighbor Totoro and appeared in P.N.O.K. and Because of Winn Dixie. From 2006 to the present, Elle Fanning’s career picked up as she was in almost twenty movies and films including Somewhere, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (co-starring Brad Pitt), Babel, Phoebe in Wonderland and We Bought a Zoo.

Of course, Elle makes a fair amount of her money from movies and short films but she derives income from television show appearances. She has been on episodes of Judging Amy, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, House: MD, Law and Order; Special Victims Unit, The Lost Room and Criminal Minds. Fanning shot a pilot in 2007 for a show called Dirty, Sexy Money but the project never came to fruition. Elle is said to have a net worth of about 1.3 Million dollars. Now that’s a lot of hay for a fourteen year old girl!

So, how much is 1.3 Million dollars really?

1.3 Million dollars really is a lot of hay. Elle could liquidate all of her bank accounts and actually buy a whopping 152,941 square hay bales. It would take 1,699 acres of a farmer’s premium hay fields to produce such a large amount of alfalfa and a full year to grow it. Since the average horse typically weighs around one thousand pounds, it would easily consume one full bale every other day. Considering the number of bales that Elle could purchase, she could feed 10,196 well maintained horses for a month or nearly 850 equines for a full year. As stated earlier, 1.3 Million dollars is truly a lot of hay!

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