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How rich is Triple H?

Name: Paul Michael Levesque

Born: July 27, 1969

Occupation: Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative for WWE, actor, professional wrestler

Triple H, fair use
Triple H, fair use

Triple H was born in Nashua, New Hampshire on July 27, 1969. He is currently married to fellow WWE executive Stephanie McMahon. The couple have three daughters. Triple H also has a sister named Lynn. Triple H and his family currently reside in Weston, Connecticut.

He started his journey to the world of professional wrestling by taking up bodybuilding at the age of 14 – he watched his first wrestling match for the very first time nine years earlier. After his high school graduation in 1987, he entered into an array of bodybuilding competitions one year later, which led him to be crowned Teenage Mr. New Hampshire that same year.

For the next little while, Triple H began his training in pro wrestling. He learned the ropes by Killer Kowalski at his Massachusetts wrestling school, which included some well-known World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestlers Chyna and Perry Saturn.

It took only a couple of years for Triple H to make his professional wrestling debut. On Mar. 24, 1992, Triple H made his debut in the Kowalski-owned International Wrestling Federation (IWF) using the name “Terra Ryzing.” It took him only a few months to become IWF Heavyweight Champion.

In 1994, Triple H signed a one-year deal with the now defunct World Championship Wrestling (WCW). It wasn’t a very successful run as he lost his very first feud to Alex Wright, he had a couple of different characters, including a Frenchman, and was thrown together into a tag team.

A year later, he worked for WWE, where he’d see himself become a legend.

Although the first two years of tenure at WWE was disappointing – he restarted his blue blooded character – he saw his best success as a part of the controversial stable called D-Generation X, alongside Shawn Michaels, Chyna and Rick Rude. Within a year or two, Triple H became a main event talent.

Between 1999 and 2016, Triple H won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and World Championship 14 times. He is also a two-time Royal Rumble winner, a King of the Ring, a World Tag Team Champion, Intercontinental Champion and Slammy Award Winner. He has been involved in numerous feuds over the years with an array of SuperStars, including The Rock, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and Mick Foley.

In 2010, he officially transitioned into his role as an executive. In 2012, he received industry acclaim for founding developmental brand NXT. Throughout his career, Triple H has made several appearances on television and film, including “Blade: Trinity,” “The Chaperone” and “Inside Out.”

After a brief hiatus, Triple H returned to television as an on-screen authority figure and head of The Authority.

We estimate that Triple H’s net worth is $25 million (2016).

So how much is $25 million really?

Triple H’s net worth of $25 million is only about half that of his wife’s $54 million. It also pales in comparison to his father-in-law’s, Vince Mahon, net worth of $1.12 billion.

Since he is a major fan of West Ham United FC, $25 million can buy you more than 50,000 season tickets. $25 million can also buy you at least 2,000 front-row tickets to WrestleMania.


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  1. Paul gleeson

    Ok . Vince McMahon gets paid roughly just over or under a million dollers a year ( also gets bonus pay and shares – not included ) as he is c.e.o and is director of which stars gets pushed , who gets hired who gets fired ( plus he earns extra money performing on pay per view ) , so from bout 1985-2016 McMahon has earned himself ( before tax ) . So the combined wealth of Vince McMahon with ( shares and bonus ) is near 50 million dollers . The wwe is probley worth all most 2 billion ( fans and critics get confused with what Vince is worth and what the wwe is worth ) .

  2. Paul gleeson

    Vince McMahon has roughly 85 percent stake in the wwe ( if he never had so many shares – the board could kick him off – So the reason why vince is constantly allowed to bore fans every week via Monday night raw and smackdown with pushing stars no body wants or cares bout is because he owns most of the company and answers to no one , not really – He constantly makes excuses to the board of share holders when they question why is tv rateings down etc .

  3. Paul gleeson

    Batista has earned roughly half a million dollers a year from April 2005-2010 . Total 2.5 million . ( not included is ) wrestlemania pay outs which total 1 million dollers ( all the manias he was on combined ). From 2002-2005 per year earned upto 250 grand . Total 1 million . Then with coming back to wwe recently and book and DVD sales he did up to 400 grand . Total Batista did almost 5 million dollers In the wwe

  4. Paul gleeson

    Wrestler : triple h earned in a 5 year period from 1995-2000 – just under 1 million dollers. 2000-2012 -12 million dollers ( or just under ). Wrestlemania payouts total have been 3 million dollers . 2013-2016 as back stage creative – upto 2 million dollers . Total earned – roughly 18 million dollers

  5. Paul gleeson

    Ok a j styles has earned in wrestling 2002-2015 roughly 700 grand . Now in the wwe – based on merchandise sales ( pay per view buy rates are down as all events are on the wwe network so the pay struture has changed – The days of wrestlers earning upto a million dollers for a wrestlemania main event like Austin v the rock in 2001 is finished as its now on wwe net work ) a j styles is probley gonna earn almost 700 grand in his first year ( course included he will earn a percentage of house show fees – non tv – every time he is on a house show – wwe live event . So roughly a j styles has earned almost 1.4 million in his career so far . John cena ( merchandise sales ) 1 .5 million a year , ( wrestling ) 500 g a year , wrestlemania pay out total 2 million dollers . Since 2005-2016 John cena has earned . John cena has done 19 million dollers ( with 2002-2005 – that’s 800g ) so new total almost 20 million dollers .

  6. Paul gleeson

    From 2002 ( if thAts when c m punk stRted wrestling – to when he retired ) punk has done almost 4 million dollers

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