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How rich is Leonardo DiCaprio?

Name: Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio

Born: November 11, 1974

Occupation: Actor and film producer

Leonardo DiCaprio, fair use
Leonardo DiCaprio, fair use

Leonardo DiCaprio was born on November 11, 1974 in Hollywood, California. He is the son of George DiCaprio, an underground comics artist and producer and distributor of comic books, and Irmelin (Indenbirken) DiCaprio, a legal secretary. He does not have any siblings.

Leonardo lived mostly with his mother once his parents filed for divorce. He attended Seeds Elementary School and John Marshall High School, after he attended the Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies for four years. He did drop out of high school after only his third year in school – he later earned his general equivalency diploma (GED).

The award-winning actor has been romantically linked to an array of women, including Naomi Campbell, Demi Moore, Emma Miller, Gisele Bündchen and Erin Heatherton. His latest girlfriend was Kelly Rohrbach, but it was reported they broke up (2016). He currently owns a home in Los Angeles and an apartment in Lower Manhattan.

He started his acting career by appearing in several commercials and educational films. It was 1990 when he made his debut in television series. He was cast in the series “Parenthood,” which didn’t last very long. He also made appearances in “Roseanne,” “The New Lassie” and “Santa Barbara.”

Leonardo made his feature film debut by starring in the sci-fi, horror comedy “Critters 3.” He then returned to television for the series “Growing Pains.” Once again, he returned to the cinema in 1992 when he was selected by Robert De Niro to star in “This Boy’s Life.” This led to his iconic role as a mentally handicapped brother in the 1993 film “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.” Leonardo received critical acclaim as well as nominations for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe.

For the next couple of years, he starred in various commercial and critical failures, like “The Quick and the Dead” and “Total Eclipse.” However, he quickly turned things around in 1996 when he starred in the box office smash hit “Rome + Juliet, a modern take on the Shakespearean romantic tragedy. The following year, he went straight to Hollywood stardom – and on posters in teenage girls’ bedrooms – for portraying 20-year-old Jack Dawson in the picture “Titanic.” This helped create so-called “Leo-Mania.”

For a few years, his career went south. It wasn’t until 2002 when he rejuvenated his career by starring in critically acclaimed and box office hits, including “Catch Me If You Can,” “Gangs of New York,” “The Aviator,” “Blood Diamond,” “The Departed,” “Shutter Island” and “Inception.”

To say he has been nothing but a box office superstar would be an understatement in itself.

Aside from acting and producing motion pictures, Leonardo has been an environmental activist, and even delivering speeches at the United Nations. Despite his commitment to combating climate change, he has been criticized for his inconsistent actions. For instance, he has flown around the world on private jets, partied on super yachts that required a lot of energy and has acquired carbon-intensive mega mansions. He was also criticized for incorrectly identifying chinook winds as a sign of global warming during filming in the Canadian province of Alberta.

He does not have any acting projects scheduled as of yet (2016), but he is producing a handful of pictures.

We estimate that Leonardo DiCaprio’s net worth is $245 million (2016).

So how much is $245 million really?

Since Leonardo was reported to have purchased an island to turn into an eco-friendly resort, he $245 million could buy you The Tryon Islands, Fawn Island, Crawl Caye, Exile Island and many more. $245 million could also help you invest millions of dollars in Diamond Foundry, a startup that claims it can grow real diamonds.


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