How rich is Karlie Kloss?

Name: Karlie Elizabeth Kloss
Born: August 3, 1992
Occupation: Model

Karlie Kloss. Photo: Wiki Commons OTRS.
Karlie Kloss at the Diane von Furstenberg fashion show. Photo: Wiki Commons OTRS.

Karlie Kloss always wanted to be a model even as a tot; she loved dressing up and showing off her new outfits. In 1995, Kloss’ parents moved from Chicago to St. Louis and she started taking classical ballet lessons and not only enjoyed it but excelled at it. Nobody realized that the grace that Karlie learned from ballet would eventually help her to become a great model. Abercrombie was one of the first companies to give Kloss a break in the industry after signing with Elite Modeling Management. Her stint with Elite lasted only one year and then she contracted with NEXT model management.

Karlie was the pretty face behind many advertising campaigns including Donna Karan, Chloe, Nina Ricci and Jean Paul Gaultier. She also did advertising for Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce and Gabbana, Dior, Pringle of Scotland, Dior, Oscar de La Renta and hundreds of other fine fashion designers. In 2011, Karlie Kloss made began to model for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show where Heidi Klum is one of the big names. Although the vast majority of Kloss’ income has been derived from her modeling career, she has started to try acting as well and has appeared on the television show Gossip Girl along with the co-actors Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. Karlie Kloss’ estimated net worth is right around 4 Million dollars.

So, how much is 4 Million dollars really?

If Karlie got tired of living the life of a fashion model, she could decide to take a nice car trip. She could easily purchase a brand new Bentley for 205,600 dollars so that she could be sure to ride in style and luxury. She could plan a great trip from the sunny and warm beaches of beautiful Key West, Florida all the way up to the snowy mountain peaks of Anchorage, Alaska. Considering that the cost of fuel is about four dollars per gallon, she could buy 948,600 gallons of gas. Since a Bentley gets approximately 15 miles to the gallon, Karlie Kloss could afford to drive 14,229,000 miles. From Key West to Anchorage is 5,223 miles so she could take the trip 2,724 times. A single trip would take 87 hours so all of those road trips, if taken continuously would take nearly 27 ½ years to complete. 4 Million dollars is a lot of gas!

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