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How rich is Barack Obama?

Name: Barak Hussein Obama, Jr.
Born: August 4th, 1961
Occupation: 44th president of the United States of America

President Obama reflects during an economic meeting with advisors in the Roosevelt Room.
President Obama reflects during an economic meeting with advisors. Photo: US Gov.

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Barack was raised by his mother and maternal grandparents in Wichita, Kansas. Though he lived an unassuming life during his young years, it was his entrance into Harvard Law School that really got things going for our President. He took on an internship at a prestigious law firm in Chicago in 1988 where he met the woman he would later marry. In 1990, his law school career was boosted even more when he was the first African American student to write for the Harvard Law Review. Once he graduated and became a strong civil rights leader, Barak took a great interest in politics which took him on his long journey to becoming America’s first African American president.

Before his presidency, he made $174,000 per year as a Senator for Illinois. However, from all the years he was in this position, he only managed to save about $150,000 due to the fact, apparently, that he used so much of his salary for charitable causes. Now as our president, Barack earns $400,000 per year. When all is said and done however, his net worth is $10.5 million dollars. His presidential salary obviously does not account for this type of money, but much of it comes from the royalties of his many published books.

So how much is $10.5 million really?

When you think of the Obama family dog and how much pleasure he brings to the whole Obama clan, wouldn’t it be fantastic if Barack could get 4,000 more just like Bo? Well for $10.5 million dollars, he can certainly do it, plus buy them all top notch dog food for the rest of their lives and the lives of their little doggie children.

If 4,000 dogs seems like a few too many for our President, maybe he would like to invest in some left handed scissors since he is left handed. He could afford to buy at least 1,200,000 pairs. This could help him get a lot of work done in the oval office! If left handed scissors are not in demand in the White House, maybe he would like to purchase Lincoln Memorial? We, as in the United States, paid only a mere $4.9 million for it though the price has likely increased since then. This may not be a good plan in the long run, though, as it costs $3 million each year for upkeep, emptying the Obama family bank account in a mere 3 years.  Too bad Barack, you will have to settle for thousands of poufy dogs or left handed scissors.

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  2. Seriously, 4,000 dogs and left handed scissors.

  3. I am glad that people can make a good living off of the tax payers, who are taxed so heavily!

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  23. Id say that’s NO WHERE NEAR what his net worth is. Just a cover up until hes out of office to look good.

  24. How rich ate you my sister says that Floyd mayweather is richer than you is he really

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