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How rich is Kendall Jenner?

Name: Kendall Nicole Jenner
Born: November 3, 1995
Occupation: Model and Reality TV Personality

Kendall Jenner.  Photo: K!Photographer (Flicr)
Kendall Jenner – with only $2 million to her name, a few extra jobs like this Malibu Native Clothing signing may be required to make ends meet. Photo: K!Photographer (Flicr)

Kendall Jenner was born in LA, California. Her parents are Kris Kardashian Jenner and world famous Olympian, Bruce Jenner. Kendall is a very busy teenager. She is very well-known for her consistent appearances on the popular E! reality television program, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Although not a Kardashian herself, Kendall is a regular on the show documenting the lives and loves of her famous sisters, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe.

This six feet tall, leggy looker is a high profile model. Kendall has been modeling for several years now and has taken the elite runways by storm. She is considered to be a hot commodity in the fashion and modeling industry. This causes a simple trip down the runway to cost fashion designers a pretty penny however; her exact fees for modeling have yet to be revealed. Kendall has been captured on camera and lives in print magazines such as Paper, OK and Teen Vogue. She is also the face and brand of Seventeen Magazine, which caters to girls from fifteen to twenty years of age.

Recently, Kendall began creating her own nail polish. She has two on the market called All Kendalled Up and Kendall on the Katwalk. These nail polishes are marketed by Nicole O P I and can be found at major retailers. Kendall’s estimated net worth from all of her ventures is 2 Million dollars! That’s not too shabby for a seventeen year old.

So, how much is 2 Million dollars really?

If Kendall Jenner wanted to buy some new flip flops, she could easily purchase 400,801 pairs from Old Navy stores. Since the average pair of flip flops last three months, this plethora of shoes would last Kendall about 100,200 years. Everybody knows that Kendall would never wear the same pair of flip flops twice so if she wore a new pair every day, she would have enough of these versatile sandals to last her 1,098 years. She would need to change her shoes 18 times a day to use the shoes in 60 years!

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