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How rich is Lauren Conrad?

Name: Lauren Katherine Conrad
Born: February 1, 1986
Occupation: Actor, TV Personality, Author, Fashion Designer

Lauren Conrad. Photo: Philip Nelson (Flicr).
Lauren Conrad on the Red Carpet at Vh1 Divas. Photo: Philip Nelson (Flicr).

Lauren Conrad achieved instant celebrity status with the television program Laguna Beach: the real Orange County on MTV. The popular show followed Conrad throughout her final year as a senior in high school and continued with Lauren attending college. Due to the incredible success of the show, MTV created another show for Conrad called The Hills. This spin off followed the daily lives of Lauren and several of her friends in Los Angeles and ended in the middle of 2009.

Although Lauren Conrad started out in television, which makes her to a television personality like Alexa Chung, her true passion has always been fashion design. She attended The Fashion Institute of design and Merchandising. Of course, she was paid well for the TV work but she continues to earn income from her fashion career. Her first fashion line was launched in 2008. It was called The Lauren Conrad Collection. That year between endorsements, her fashion line and appearances on a few shows, she raked in 1.5 Million dollars.  Lauren’s fashion lines continue to provide income as well do the seven books that she authored. Lauren Conrad have currently a net worth around 12 Million dollars!

So, how much is 12 Million dollars really?

If Lauren Conrad wanted to liquidate all of her assets and simply drive, she could make sure her car is in tip top shape by getting regular oil changes. Considering the average oil change at a large retail service center such as Tires Plus costs $19.99, Lauren could get 600,300 oil changes. Most automobile manufacturers recommend that the oil in a vehicle be changed every three thousand miles. Ms. Conrad would be able to travel 1,800,900,000 miles before she’d need to get a job to pay for the next oil change! Or, she could simply buy 15,189,873 Nestle’s Crunch candy bars but if she consumes all of them herself, she would need to join the gym and work out hard and often as the candy bars would equate to an incredible 3,797,468,250 calories. Hopefully, she would opt to take the drive rather than consume all of the calories!

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