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How rich is Michaele Schon?

Name: Michaele Schon

Born: Oakton, Virginia

Occupation: Model and television personality

Michaele Schon, fair use
Michaele Schon, fair use

Michaele Ann Holt was born on October 1, 1965 in Oakton, Virginia. She is the daughter of Howard A. Holt Jr. and Rosemary O’Malley. She is the sister of Debbie, Howard and Glen.

Michaele attended King’s College in Wilkesbarre, Pennsylvania. She would not graduate.

Following her post-secondary education studies, Michaele would gain a position as a front-desk employee for Wilkesbarre/Scranton radio station WKRZ in 1989. She would later move to Washington, D.C. and would work at a makeup counter at Nordstroms for much of the 1990s. It was in 2001 that she worked as a makeup artist for the PBS documentary series “American Experience.”

She has been married twice before. In 2000, she met Tareq Salahi, a long-time vintner, self promoted travel polo player and television personality, at a Christmas Party. They were married in 2003, which had nearly 2,000 guests, including former United States Ambassador to Ireland Margaret Heckler and Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. They were divorced in 2012. She would marry musician and songwriter Neal Schon in 2013 on pay-per-view.

Michaele’s biggest claim to fame has been gatecrashing a White House state dinner in 2009 for India Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s birthday. This garnered international headlines. Her other biggest claim to fame is being cast in the first and only season of the reality television series “The Real Housewives of D.C in 2011. One of the show’s producers has said he wants to bring the show back (2015).

She has faced numerous controversies in her lifetime, and not just the White House gatecrash.

Michaele has claimed to be a former Washington Redskins cheerleader, which was later refuted by the NFL team. She also said she was a former Miss USA, but there are no records to support the claim. Michaele would also found a charity with her former husband – Journey for the Cure Foundation – but it was discovered that most of the funds were spent on travels and food and only a small amount was spent on actual research.

We estimate that Michaele Salahi’s net worth is $500,000 (2015).

So how much is $500,000 really?

$500,000 could pay for the salary of the United States president. $500,000 could also pay for all of the lawsuits, legal fees, fines and payments that Michaele had to dole out over the years.


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