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How rich is Madison Hildebrand?

Name: Madison Pomeroy Hildebrand

Born: October 28, 1980

Occupation: Real estate broker, television personality and author

Madison Hildebrand, fair use
Madison Hildebrand, fair use

Madison Hildebrand was born in Mesa, Arizona on October 28, 1980. He is the son of Wendy and Phil Hildebrand, and has a brother, John, who is the owner of Sicky’s Eyewear.

Growing up in Malibu, California during his adolescent years, he graduated from Pepperdine University.

Madison came out of the closet in December 2009 and confessed that he is gay. In fact, Madison would appear on the hit television series “The Millionaire Matchmaker,” in which he would seek out his one true love. Madison would admit that it doesn’t really matter that he’s gay.

Soon after graduating from university, Madison started his career specializing in the luxury real estate market in Malibu. He became a broker with the Partners Trust Real Estate firm. He would see a tremendous amount of success in his young career by selling multi-million-dollar homes in such an affluent area of The Golden State.

It should be noted that he has sold more than $80 million of property in his first two years as a real estate agent (Madison became a licensed agent at the tender age of 24).

Because of this immense success, he was approached by the television network Bravo in 2006. The network signed him to a deal to co-star in the hit reality TV series “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.” For several years, he appeared alongside fellow industry behemoths, Josh Flagg and Josh Altman.”

Over the years, Madison has appeared “Money With Melissa Francis,” “Keepin’ it Real Estate” and “A-list Listings.”

Madison would continue to branch out from real estate and start evolving his brand.

In 2009, Madison published the book “Activate YOUR Passion, Create YOUR career.” A few years later, he would launch a scented candle collection named The Malibu Life by Madison Hildebrand. In that same year, Madison would become a brand ambassador for DocuSign, a successful eSignature company. In 2014, Madison executive produced the hit short motion picture “Bald.”

Since then, Madison has initiated a national seminar tour where he instructs, mentors and coaches realtors from around the United States.

We estimate that Madison Hildebrand’s net worth is $12 million (2015).

So how much is $12 million really?

$12 million could buy you a three-bedroom house in the beautiful jurisdiction of Malibu. $12 million could also buy you a couple of small beachfront houses in Malibu.


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