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How rich is Kane?

Name: Glenn Thomas Jacobs

Born: April 26, 1967

Occupation: Professional wrestler, actor and political activist

Glenn "Kane" Jacobs, fair use
Glenn “Kane” Jacobs, fair use

Glenn Jacobs was born on April 26, 1967 in Madrid, Spain – he came from a United States Air Force family that was stationed in Torrejon de Ardoz.

Glenn attended Northeast Missouri State University, where he earned a degree in English literature. He was an avid athlete as he played both basketball and football. However, he decided to take his athletic ability to the world of professional wrestling.

Since August 23, 1995, Glenn has been married to Crystal Maurisa Goins. They have two daughters as well as two grandchildren.

Like most professional wrestlers, Glenn started his career in the independent circuit. He first made his pro-wrestling debut in 1992 as Angus King for CSWA. He later wrestled as Doomsday and started performing in the south. Glenn then appeared for the United States Wrestling Association as The Christmas Creature and then for Smoky Mountain Wrestling as the Unabomb. He also wrestled for Pro Wrestling Fujiwara Gumi and World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

It wasn’t until 1995 that Glenn got his biggest break in the pro-wrestling industry by signing with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Although he made his debut with the company on a Raw taping as Mike Unabomb, Glenn made his television debut as Isaac Yankeem, DDS, who was Jerry “The King” Lawler’s private dentist. After more than a year, the gimmick was retired. He would then appear as Diesel, a fake representation of the Kevin Nash character.

Glenn wouldn’t see his true success in WWE until he made his debut as Kane, a physically deformed younger brother of The Undertaker, in 1997. Since then, Kane has been involved in numerous feuds, matches, storylines, factions and tag teams. Over the years, Kane has been a three-time world champion, 12-time world tag team champion, two-time Intercontinental Champion and Money in the Bank winner. He’s also the eighth Triple Crown Champion.

Outside of wrestling, Glenn has been politically active within the libertarian community. He has listed Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Murray Rothbard and John Stossel as his primary influences. Glenn has delivered a large number of speeches at liberty events and endorsed Dr. Paul for president in 2008. It’s been hinted at over the last couple of years that he would run for public office.

It was also revealed that Glenn founded an Allstate agency, The Jacobs Agency, with his wife in Knoxville, Tennessee.

He has starred in three WWE Studios films: “See No Evil,” “See No Evil 2” and “Countdown.”

We estimate that Kane’s net worth is $7 million (2015).

So how much is $7 million really?

$7 million can buy you tens of thousands of replica belts of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, the World Championship and the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. $7 million can also buy you


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