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How rich is Dave Hester?

Name: Dave Hester
Born: 23  Jul 1964
Occupation: Professional bragger, television personality and auctioneer.

Dave Hester, publicity photo
Dave Hester, A&E publicity photo (extract) (fair use)

Dave Hester, one of the main characters on the A&E reality show “Storage Wars“, is perhaps best known for his outrageous personality: impossible to like, but so preposterous that you still have to watch the show.

In 2006, after a DUI conviction, Dave was forced into community service at a local Goodwill Store. Seeing the potential in such an operation, Dave immediately began to transform his furniture store into a thrift store.

Dave’s net worth come partly from his Newport Consignment Gallery and his Rags to Riches Thrift Store, but also partly from his salary from the television show.  The rumour is that Dave threatened to leave during the last series of the show and negotiated himself a nice little cash bonus.  According to Dave himself he plan to increase his wealth even further by soon releasing a DVD series teaching people about the storage auction business.

We estimate Dave Hester’s net worth at about $ 3.7 million – making him the second wealthiest of the show’s stars, only beaten by Barry Weiss (see “How rich is Barry Weiss” and also Darrell Sheets, Brandi Passante, Jarrod Schulz, Nabila Haniss).

So how much is 3.7 million dollars really? 

3.7 million dollars will buy you about 3,825,000 litres (1 010 458 gallons) of milk.  That is enough to fill 290,000 bathtubs.  If Dave Hester wanted to copy Cleopatra and bathe in milk (and it would certainly be in style with his general ego), he could do so daily for the next 800 years.

A net worth of $ 3 700 000 can also buy you 640,000 litres of beer.  A guy of Hester’s size would probably need a little more than 3 beers to be over the limit, so he could spend his net worth on 600,000 DUIs.  That would be stupid and illegal though…

UPDATE:  According to media reports, Dave has been fired from the show and is suing the production company for more than $ 3 million.  Dave claims he was fired from the show because he complained about the production team planing “unusual and expensive” items in the lockers.  If he wins, Dave will almost have doubled his net worth.  If he doesn’t, the loss of the income and publicity from the show may seriously hurt his business.

See also: Rene Nezhoda, Darrell Sheets, Barry Weiss, Brandi Passante, Jarrod Schulz, Nabila Haniss, Dan Dotson and Storage Wars Texas.



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  4. storage wars has worn out it’s welcome. aside from
    brandi’s breasts, everyone on the show is an idiot,
    especially dave with his stupid yuuuup! i used to like
    barry, but he acts like a loser, and darrell is such a hypocrite, and the whining he does about his son
    is annoying. anyway, i hope the show gets cancelled soon.
    i would like to see more storage wars texas, especially
    becasue of that new sexy blonde!! but moes nose and voice
    is way too much for me to handle!!!!

    • Your an ass. The only reason why you like SWT is because of the blonde? Your shallow too obviously. I LOVE storage wars. Actually, both of them. They find some interesting stuff and I think it is pretty cool how some of them have become successful. Perfect example that most times things do get better in life if you are willing to listen and learn from your mistakes. AND stay positive….. Keep up the good work everyone!

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  6. So is he fired or not? Would be a really huge loss for the show.
    And have to mention that its hard to not to notice brandis breasts…especially considering that shes sexy skinny.
    Love the show!!!!

    • Series 4 hasn’t started airing yet, so we have yet to see if Dave will be a part of the whole series, some episodes already recorded or cut out entirely. What is known for sure is that Dave has files a lawsuit against the production company and A&E.

  7. I like the show because I learn the value of the items that are found in the lockers. Barry I like the best because you never know what he’s going to do next you know it’s going to be something fun to see. But I do think the other people on the show it’s just Barry adds the touch of silly and style to the show….

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  9. i used to watch this show but since this ass keeps yelling “yuuup!!”, i rather watch something else, he overprice everything he finds and everyone knows that all this people find is junk, he is fucking annoying, and i prefer the texas version.

    • You are wise I’m sick of Dave. And I don’t like bolivar either. I love jarrod carrel and Barry. I cant wait to see David gone and I’m tired watching the same ones over to.

  10. Barry Barry Barry

  11. Dave’s yupppp has caused a lot of chaos to happen financially. A lot of people hate him but I think he’s okay! Cuz he is the guy who takes charge of the lockers cuz like darrells ever gonna buy one ever again.

  12. It is very sad to see how the producers of this show have no self respect by bringing back a woman beater with no self respect as a man which misrepresents men period, and you may ask why, well here it is. He’s nothing but a big mouth who talks out of his rear and is a very poor example towards his son period. Punching on a woman? And he’s back? Again? What is it gonna take for some people to have some human values and self respect. I’m just putting it out there, because all the garbage that comes out of his mouth cannot back up or support. It really doesn’t matter how much money he can make in this business, he will always be sad, miserable and bitter with no one person who likes him. That is a very sad way to exist in this world, and no friends who would ever like him as a person. Respect should be uphold very high always and I believe he should have been accountable for throwing that woman on the ground just like when he got his DUI few years back. Some people never crow up

  13. BrightEyes109

    I think Dave is an arrogant asshole. He thinks who the hell he is. He thinks everyone is beneath him. And all the comments about Brandi’s breasts, grow up guys. What are you 18? Have some respect!!!! Not only for Brandi,but for Jarrod and their kids! Dave should be off the show totally. He’s very annoying. Brandi and Jarrod are my favorites!

  14. I would like to see Dave Hester get knocked the fuck out and watch him lying there on the ground! Just for the fact that he sent the actuator Dan Donson wife flying in that fight. I couldn’t believe my eyes. No wonder he has no Woman if he does he’s probably divorced! Lmfao Dave Hester you suck!!!????

  15. See your still hated how do you live with yourself period.??????

  16. Im confused, so everyone is mad at Dave hester because he defended himself. What happened to equal rights? “ACT LIKE A MAN, GET TREATED LIKE ONE”


  17. Frances Reddick

    I LOVE all storage wars. and especially Container Wars. The person I HATE on storage wars is Darrell sheets, he’s arrogant, over price his trash, worst father ever and walks like he has a stick up his add, he knows these big words but doesn’t know what they mean or when to use them.

    THEN there’s ivy, he’s BUTTE FUGULY, over price his trash, and LIVES just like his store trashy, he’s never had anything therefore tends to keep all his junk and trash at his home and store, it’s because of Ivy and Darrell that we no longer gather as a group to watch the show, we (35 people) can’t stand these two low life’s.

  18. Barry Weiss was taking that show with his sense of humour.looks cool with his appearance and attitude.no one can replace him.

  19. Dave is the boss..and dont forget all become money for the show , no one of them make these for free…
    when u open ur eyes u will see , dave make nothings wrong he is in that game for money to make and not friends, so why he has to stay quit when the showmaster say : dave more action please u become 50.000 dollar per minute…..all that u see is just : SHOW…more not..and brandi ? i like she not she is so arrrogant ……

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