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How rich is Toby Willis?

Name: Toby Willis

Born: April 29, 1970

Occupation: Musician and television personality

Toby Willis, fair use
Toby Willis, fair use

Toby Willis was born on April 29, 1970 in Chicago, Illinois. He is the son of Pastor Duane Scott Willis and Janet Willis. Toby had eight siblings, but lost six of them in 1994 due to a highly reported traffic fire in Wisconsin.

Toby attended Northwestern University on a wrestling scholarship. He was able to attend the post-secondary institution on a wrestling scholarship. Today, he is known as a state champion wrestler from Chicago.

He first met Brenda Willis in high school, and has been with her ever since. They are currently married and have 12 children: Jessica (21), Jeremiah (20), Jennifer (19), Jeanette (17), Jackson (15), Jedi (14), Jasmine (12), Juliette (10), Jamie (9), Joy Anna (7), Jaeger (4) and Jada (3). The family, which maintains a strict Christian lifestyle, presently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

Prior to his $100 million financial settlement, Toby was employed as a programmer, analyst and systems administrator in the computer industry for 10 years. He now works in music and video production. In his spare time, Toby continues to participate in wrestling and coaches boys wrestling.

Known as The Willis Clan, Toby and his family first rose to prominence during the hit reality television show “America’s Got Talent.” Members of the Willis family perform an array of musical instruments and dance routines, and this act helped the group reach the quarter finals in the ninth season of the hit competition series.

Due to the popularity of their appearance, television network TLC reached out to Toby Willis. Called “The Willis Family,” the reality TV series follows the 14 family members and their passion for music, dancing and wrestling. It ran for two seasons, and TLC confirmed that it would not be renewed for a third season following an incident with Toby.

The Willis family has released three albums, including one called “Heaven.” They have won numerous dance titles and wrestling competitions.

Toby was arrested on charges of child rape. Being held in Greenville, Kentucky, authorities allege that Toby had a sexual encounter with an underage female around 2004. The investigation is active and ongoing (2016). The announcement did not say who the victim was or if Toby knew the girl. If he is found guilty then he could face up to 25 years in prison.

We estimate that Toby Willis’s net worth is $50 million (2016).

So how much is $50 million really?

$50 million could buy dozens of four-year scholarships for students to attend Northwestern University. Since “The Willis Family” had a seasonal budget of around $325,000, $50 million could also pay for more than 100 TLC reality television shows.


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