How rich is Brandi Passante?

Name: Brandi Passante
Born: 16 May 1980 in Harris, TX.
Occupation: TV personality, storage unit buyer and professional bickering wife.

Brandi Passante and her boyfriend Jarrod Schulz. Photo: A&E (extract) (fair use).

Brandi Passante and her boyfriend Jarrod Schulz. Photo: A&E (extract) (fair use).

Brandi Passante and her long-time boyfriend Jarrod Schulz, both came into the spotlight as main characters on the A&E reality show “Storage Wars” [see Dave Hester, Barry Weiss, Darrell Sheets, Nabila Haniss].  Though possibly the buyers with the least deep pockets on the show, they have charmed the audience with their constant but mostly friendly bickering.

Little is known about Brandi Passante before joining the show, except that she (like co-star Dave Hester) has a DUI conviction.  Some rather unflattering, and possibly fake, mug shots have circulated online.  Her boyfriend Jarrod Schulz has a rather mixed background – apparently once serving a 16 months sentence for drug dealing.

When the show first started their shop, the Now and Then Thrift Store, was small and badly stocked, but in line with the success of the show it has now grown considerably in both size and quality.

Brandi’s net worth comes partly from the shop, although it is rumoured not to be making much of a profit, her boyfriends part ownership in a clothing line and her salary from the show itself.

Currently estimated at $ 975 000, Brandi is hardly stinking rich, but with a net worth of nearly a million dollar neither she, her boyfriend or their two kids will be starving any time soon.

So how much is 975 thousand dollars really? 

Just short of being, at least technically, a millionaire, Brandi would have to be content with spending her money on more down to earth items than some of the top earners we have written about on this show (like Donald Trump who with his nearly $ 3 billion are 3,100 times richer than Brandi).

However, $ 975 000 is enough for 780,000 heads of lettuce or 5,850,000 eggs.  That is one egg every day for the next 16,000 years.  It is also enough for 985,000 litres of milk.  If you lay them end to end they would stretch for 125 miles.  She could in fact have her own milky way…

UPDATE as of 5/17/14: When we originally wrote this article in October of 2012, Brandi had a net worth of approximately $975,000. Today her net worth is listed as approximately $1.5 million. Keep it up, Brandi!

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  4. dolene passente says:

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  7. Hopefully she spends some of that $975k on some really good bras to hold up that mega-rack of hers! Would I hit that? Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!

    • You are really an idiot always showing your cash in your pocket! They say people that has to do that doesn’t really have anything! And leave my girl Brandi allone

  8. Brandi Passante says:

    I wish we had that much money! Anyhow, Dolene honey, who are you exactly? I’m not understanding what you want.
    I appreciate the attention guys, but Dave you are a perv.
    See all of my fans at the next auction and PLEASEEEE come by our store to see us. Happy holidays.

  9. Dennis Kirkness says:

    Hi Brandy i only watch this program for you lol sorry but the rest of the cast have nothing on you 🙂

  10. Brandi you could earn so much with pictures in the Playboy…. 😀

  11. I love the show you’re my favorite it should b called brandi wars watch you every chance I get

  12. Silvana Valéria Magro Bertè says:

    Sou brasileira e assisto sempre o programa e adoro!
    Adoro todos Barry, Dave, Darrell,Brandi,Jarrod! Feliz Ano Novo, Bjs.

  13. Brandi,I am from South Africa and I love watching you!

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  16. I really do like y’all when you know the other wants
    It really really bad and you drive up the prices why
    Not work together and keep the bidding low.
    Wouldn’t everyone make more money ???

  17. I imagine her net worth has to be much higher than that. I mean, dave hesters lawsuit revealed that he was being paid over 800 thousand annually when he signed on to do the 3rd season. That didnt include residuals for reruns of episodes of the show or the profits from his place of business.

    So, if hester was earning that much way back for the 3rd season, brandi and jarrod mustve been earning around the same. Since theyre 2 people, double that (1.6 million a season). Include what theyve been getting in other seasons since the 3rd season, add to that the profits theyve been getting from their store thanks to the free publicity their store has gotten thanks to the show, add to that the money they earn from rerun residuals, etc, and brandi just has to be worth way, way, WAY more than from 980,000-1.4 million.

    I wonder how you have calculated how much her net worth is.

  18. If your store was on this end of the continent would buy from you guys.

  19. Your pretty awesome and those other dudes are pervs and I feel sorry for you. I like watchin the show you guys are the face of this show so good luck!

  20. Brandi passante could you please reply to this message? And if you are the real Brandi could you tell me what the store of yours is called and where’s it’s located so maybe one day I could see your store. Keep up the good work!

  21. Jerry Davis says:

    I Love You Brandi!! You’re So Beautiful!!

  22. Brandi ,brandi, ur so fine and dandy. Ur such great eye candy. I wish i was in those pantys.

  23. Manuel, teacher is coming!

  24. hi Brandi my name is Guy I’m from Wales in the UK just like to say your briliant on the show I watch it every day just so I can see you everybodys right you are so beautiful your man is a very lucky man hope he knows that,and tell him to treat you better on the show,
    Love you xxxx.

  25. Enjoy the show.. wish I’d have taken my money and bought units.. had fun though…

  26. Brandi your hot. Jared’s a piece of crap he treats you like s*** you deserve a lot better than him.

  27. An egg for the next 16000 years- what a stupid breakdown of what you can get for the money.

  28. I love u Mary. U r so funny and sexy too. The things I’d like to do to and with you.

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