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How rich is Rachael Ray?

Name: Rachael Domenica Ray

Born: August 25, 1968

Occupation: Celebrity chef, television personality, author and philanthropist

Rachael Ray, fair use
Rachael Ray, fair use

Rachael Ray was born in Glens Falls, New York on August 25, 1968. She is the daughter of James Claude Ray and Elsa Providenza Scuderi, a manager of restaurants in New York’s Capital district. Rachael has two siblings: Emmanuel and Maria.

Rachael has been married to John Cusimano, an attorney and lead singer of The Cringe, since September 2005. The couple does not have any children. They own two homes in Lake Luzerne and Greenwich Village. John and Rachael presently reside in New York City.

When Rachael moved to New York City in 1995, she got her first job at the Macy’s candy counter. Rachael would soon become the manager of the fresh foods department. She would also assist in opening a New York City market.

Rachael returned upstate and performed a variety of jobs: managed Mister Brown’s Pub, served as a buyer at Cowan & Lobel and taught a course on how to make meals in less than half an hour. This helped her appear in the media, where she held “30 Minute Meals” weekly classes on CBS TV affiliate WRGB. After publishing her book “30 Minute Meals,” she would earn a spot on the “Today” show and received a contract on the Food Network.

In 2005, Rachael was given her own syndicated daytime TV talk show called “Rachael Ray.” Since then, she has regularly appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” which has helped boost her show’s popularity even more.

For the past decade, Rachael has graced the covers of numerous magazines. She has also endorsed a wide variety of products, including Dunkin’ Donuts, Nabisco crackers, AT&T and WestPoint Home.

Rachael avidly promotes her own product, Nutrish, which is a type of dog food that’s created from recipes she made for her pit bull. All proceeds go to Rachael’s at-risk charity called Rachael’s Rescue. Her other charity is Yum-O, a non-profit organization that promotes healthy living for families.

She has published dozens of books since 1999. Some of the titles include “Veggie Meals,” “$40 a Day: Best Eats in Town,” “Rachael Ray’s Express Lane Meals,” “The Book of Burger” and “Everyone is Italian on Sunday.”

We estimate that Rachael Ray’s net worth is $60 million (2016).

So how much is $60 million really?

$60 million can pay for several lifetimes worth of trips to the local grocery store. $60 million can also purchase you several homes in Greenwich Village and Lake Luzerne.


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