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How rich is Vladimir Putin?

Name: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

Born: October 7, 1952

Occupation: Politician

Vladimir Putin, fair use
Vladimir Putin, fair use

Vladimir Putin was born on October 7, 1952 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. He is the son of Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, a conscript in the Soviet Navy, and Maria Ivanovna Putina Shelomova, a factory worker. He has two siblings: Viktor and Albert, who passed away at very young ages.

Vladimir began his schooling at eight years of age when he attended School No. 193 at Baskov Lane. He would then attend Saint Petersburg High School 281. In 1970, Vladimir studied law at the Saint Petersburg State University. During his time in the government education system, Vladimir studied sambo, judo and German.

Vladimir has been married once. In 1983, Vladimir married Lyudmila Shkrebneva and lived in Germany for five years. They have two daughters: Mariya Putina and Yekaterina Putina. In June 2014, their divorce had been finalized. Reportedly, Vladimir is in a relationship with Wendi Deng, a businesswoman and ex-wife of billionaire Rupert Murdoch.

When he graduated from law school, Vladimir was required to become a member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. He then joined the KGB and trained at the 401st KGB school. Vladimir was dedicated to the KGB and monitored foreign and consular officials and constantly sought out new recruits. He was a part of the Soviet Union coup d’etat in 1991 and eventually conceded in 1999 that communism was a failure.

Vladimir started his political career in 1990 when he was given the role of advisor on international affairs to Mayor Sobchak. A year later, he was promoted to head of the Committee for External Relations of the Saint Petersburg Mayor’s Office. In 1994, Vladimir was appointed as First Deputy Chairman of the Government of Saint Petersburg.

Following the election of President Boris Yeltsin, Vladimir was tapped to be deputy chief of Presidential Staff. This was followed by the president appointing Vladimir to director of the Federal Security Service (FSB). In 1999, Vladimir served as one of three deputy prime ministers, and a year later, upon Yeltsin’s resignation, Vladimir became the acting president of Russia.

He would be president from 2000 and 2008. Once his term in office was finished, he was appointed Prime Minister in 2008. In 2012, he once again became president. For the last couple of years, the Russian government has been involved in a bitter dispute with the United States.

Because Russia seized Crimea and provided the Syrian government with military assistance, Moscow has been vehemently chastized by Washington. The U.S. has gone as far as accusing the Russian government of influencing the U.S. election, which is something Putin emphatically denies.

Vladimir is a big sports fan, and actively encourages the rest of the country to participate in sports. He is a massive soccer fan, and enjoys badminton, skiing, bicycling and fishing.

We estimate that Vladimir Putin’s net worth is $40 billion (2015).

So how much is $40 billion really?

$40 billion can pay for the entire economies of Yemen, Uganda, Zambia, Serbia, Cameroon and many others. $40 billion can also attract the likes of Wendi Deng, who some describe as being a gold digger.


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