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How rich is YouTube’s McJuggerNuggets

Name: Jesse Tyler Ridgway

Born: September 29, 1992

Occupation: YouTube celebrity

Jessey Ridgway, fair use
Jessey Ridgway, fair use

Jesse Ridgway was born in New Jersey, United States on September 29, 1992. He is the son of Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. and Terry Ridgway. He has one sibling: Jeffrey Ridgway Jr.

Upon graduation, Jesse attended Rowan University and graduated in 2014 with a degree in radio, television and film. He has since applied his craft to high-quality YouTube videos.

He was previously in a relationship with a girl named Juliette Reilly, otherwise known as Psycho Girlfriend.

Jesse first entered the YouTube realm in December 2006 by launching a channel called “McJuggerNuggets.” At first, his videos, which consisted of an array of content related to short films and video games, only generated around 100 views. It was in December 2012 that Jesse made it to the top of YouTube. His brother, Jeffrey, recorded their father throwing Jesse’s Xbox 360 onto the driveway and destroyed it. For the next couple of years, Jesse would record these same types of videos of his father, and eventually his family, freaking out all the time on Jesse for his excessive video game playing and not having a job. This was then named The Psycho Series.

Jesse suffered a serious concussion in 2014 while he was filming a skit for his YouTube channel.

His YouTube channel has been immensely successful. It has more than three million subscribers and has generated more than 100 million views. It was announced that The Psycho Series would be ending because he had signed a deal with a digital production and distribution company called Studio71 in Los Angeles. However, he still posts content on his channel and is in constant touch with his fans.

For years, there was a lot of controversy from viewers claiming that the videos were fake and staged. Jesse would later concede that the videos were indeed staged and it was just entertainment.

Jesse has started to record videos with an array of other YouTubers, such as The Angry Grandpa Show, KidBehindaCamera and Boogie2988.

Outside of YouTube, Jesse is a workout junkie and has completed the Insanity program eight times. He is also an avid gamer

We estimate that McJuggerNuggets’s net worth is $1.2 million (2016).

So how much is $1.2 million really?

$1.2 million can buy high-quality tech equipment and record a YouTube series in the same vain as McJuggerNuggets. $1.2 million can also pay for a YouTube channel that generates hundreds of millions of views.


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