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How rich is Alex Jones?

Name: Alexander Emerick Jones

Born: February 11, 1974

Occupation: Talk show host

Alex Jones, fair use
Alex Jones, fair use

Alex Jones was born on February 11, 1974 in Dallas, Texas. He is the son of David Jones, a dentist, and Sandra Jones, a homemaker. Alex claims that he has Irish, German, Welsh and Native American ancestry.

He attended Anderson High School in Austin, where he was a lineman on the football team. Upon graduation in 1993, Alex attended Austin Community College, where he studied history.

Alex is presently married to Kelly Rebecca Nichols and they have two children. The family currently resides in Austin.

Soon after college, Alex started a career in broadcasting. His first job was with a live, call-in public access cable television program. In 1996, Alex transitioned into radio and hosted a show called “The Final Edition.” He had several guests over the years, including Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul. In 1999, Alex was tied for the Best Austin Talk Radio Host award. Despite this success, Alex would be fired because of some of his remarks, including that the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks were perpetrated by President George W. Bush, and thus companies would refuse to purchase advertisements.

He decided to broadcast his shows from home using an Internet connection. Eventually, “The Alex Jones Show” was broadcast nationally by the Genesis Communications Network to more than 90 AM and FM radio stations in the United States. By 2010, he generated more than two million viewers each week. Today, is one of the most popular websites on the Internet, but has also been vilified by the mainstream media.

As his career expanded, Alex began to produce documentaries. His very first feature film was released in 1998 called “America Destroyed by Design.” Over the years, Alex has produced ultra popular documentaries, like “Endgame: A Blueprint for Global Enslavement,” “The Obama Deception” and “The Fall of the Republic.”

He has also made a couple of cameos in cult classic motion pictures, like “Waking Life,” “A Scanner Darkly” and “Amerigeddon.”

Despite his disdain for politicians and general distrust of the political system, Alex put the entire Infowars brigade behind Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. During the entire campaign, Alex supported the real estate billionaire mogul. Alex has been described as a paleo-conservative, something that many critics say does not describe Trump.

We estimate that Alex Jones’s net worth is $5 million (2016).

So how much is $5 million really?

$5 million can help you launch your own national radio show and professional website. $5 million can also help you produce a couple of big-budget documentaries that muse on the New World Order.


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