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How rich is Mama June Shannon?

Name: June Shannon

Born: August 10, 1979

Occupation: Television personality

Mama June Shannon, fair use
Mama June Shannon, fair use

Mama June was born on August 10, 1979 in McIntyre, Georgia. She is the daughter of Sandra Hale and Melvin Shannon; her parents divorced when she was just two years old. June has one sibling: Anna. June has four children: Anna Cardwell, Jessica, Lauryn Hazel and Alana Thompson. She also has two grandchildren: Kaitlyn Elizabeth Clark and Kylee Madison Cardwell.

June, a former child pageant star, earned a general education diploma (GED).

June was previously married to Mike Thompson, otherwise known as “Sugar Bear.” However, they divorced after it was discovered he had multiple affairs with other women. June was highly criticized after it was reported she was in a relationship with a registered sex offender – some reports suggest that the man molested a relative.

June rose to prominence when TLC launched a reality television series called “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” Premiering in August 2012, June and her family became ultra-famous as their adventures, day-to-day lives and numerous quirks were profiled. The show was panned by most critics, but it did attract tremendous viewership. The series premiere episode generated 2.2 million viewers, and one of its most highest rated episodes attracted close to three million viewers.

The series lasted for four seasons. A fifth season of new episodes has been produced but they are unaired because of the announcement of the cancellation of the series.

June has stilled retained her popularity since the series ended. She has appeared on a wide array of shows, including “The Doctors,” in which she was challenged to shed pounds. Vivid Entertainment also offered June and Mike $1 million to appear in a pornographic movie.

It was announced that June would be appearing in a new television weight loss series called “Mama June: From Not to Hot.” June has warned her fans that she will “look completely different” after her weight loss transformation.

Here are some other interesting facts that you may not have known about the reality TV star: she doesn’t like lavender, she suffers from diabetes, she used to suffer from a soda addiction and she is skilled in pole dancing.

We estimate that Mama June’s net worth is $1 million (2016).

So how much is $1 million really?

$1 million can pay for surgery to shed much of the weight in your body. $1 million can also pay for the production of a pornographic video containing Mama June (if she would ever agree to it).


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