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How rich is London Mayor Sadiq Khan?

Name: Sadiq Aman Khan

Born: October 8, 1970

Occupation: Politician and attorney

Sadiq Khan, fair use
Sadiq Khan, fair use

Sadiq Khan was born in London, England on October 8, 1970. He is the son of Sehrun Khan, a seamstress, and Amanullah Khan, a bus driver. He has seven siblings.

Sadiq attended Fircroft Primary School and Ernest Bevin School. Despite being excellent at mathematics and science, he went to study law. Sadiq was encouraged to enter the legal industry so he attended University of North London to study law. He would also complete his Law Society finals at the College of Law Guildford.

Sadiq has been married to Saadiya Ahmed, a fellow solicitor, since 1994. They have two daughters: Anisah and Ammarah.

From 1994 to 2005, Sadiq served as a trainee solicitor, assistant solicitor and a legal partner. He specialized in police, employment and discrimination law as well as judicial reviews and inquests.

While serving as an attorney, Sadiq represented Tooting as a councillor from 1994 to 2006. In 2005, he decided to leave law and local politics and focus on a parliamentary career. He was elected to Parliament as part of the Labour Party in 2005. During his time as a Member of Parliament, Sadiq served as Minister of State for Communities, Minister of State for Transport and various shadow government roles.

In 2016, Sadiq resigned as an MP in order to become a candidate for Mayor of London to succeed Boris Johnson. Sadiq would become the city’s first ethnic minority, and also garnered the largest personal mandate of any politician in United Kingdom history. Depending on whom you speak to, Sadiq is a soft liberal, a centrist or a social liberal.

During his time in politics, Sadiq has been the subject of several controversies: claiming terrorism is “part and parcel of living in a big city;” inappropriately expensing taxpayers for a 2007 newsletter that was partisan; referring to moderate Muslims as “Uncle Toms;” and casually calling for the ousting of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Outside of politics, Sadiq partakes in comedy; he performed stand-up comedy prior to becoming mayor.

We estimate that Sadiq Khan’s net worth is $900,000 (2016).

So how much is $900,000 really?

$900,00 can pay for a modest apartment in the heart of London. $900,000 can also cover the cost of running for Mayor of London.


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