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How rich is Theresa May?

Name: Theresa Mary Brasier

Born: October 1, 1956

Occupation: Politician and financial consultant

Theresa May, fair use
Theresa May, fair use

Theresa May was born on October 1, 1956 in Sussex, England. She is the daughter of Hubert Brasier, a clerygman and vicar, and Zaidee Mary, a staunch supporter of the Conservative Party.

Theresa studied at the Heythrop Primary School, St. Juliana’s Convent School for Girls, Holton Park Girls’ Grammar School and Wheatley Park Comprehensive School. She would later attend the University of Oxford, where she earned a second class bachelor of arts degree in geography in 1977.

Theresa has been married to Phillip May, an investment banker, since 1980. They do not have any children, something that she and her husband severely regret.

Upon finishing her studies, Theresa worked at the Bank of England until 1983. For 12 years, Theresa would then serve as a financial consultant and senior advisor in international affairs at the Association for Payment Clearing Services.

Theresa would enter politics in 1986, when she served as a councillor for Durnsford ward, acting as Chairman of Education and Deputy Group Leader and Housing Spokesman. In 1997, she entered federal politics and became Member of Parliament, and immediately was selected as a member of the Shadow Cabinet. She was re-elected three times.

Theresa was appointed Home Secretary and Minister for Women and Equality by Prime Minister David Cameron. In 2016, when Cameron stepped down, she was chosen to lead the Conservative Party and subsequently become Prime Minister, becoming only the second female British PM. The various opinion polls suggest that Theresa is a popular prime minister, and many voters sympathize with handling of the present circumstances.

Some of Theresa’s political positions include: supporting Britain remaining in the European Union (EU), supporting same-sex marriage, maintaining an interventionist foreign policy, believing in economic socially liberal policies and approving of limiting immigration.

Outside of politics, Theresa is a big fan of cricket, loves to hike, is a devout Christian and adores fashion. In 2012, Theresa was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus of type 1, which requires daily insulin injections.

We estimate that Theresa May’s net worth is $1 million (2016).

So how much is $1 million really?

$1 million can pay for an extravagant trip to the Swiss Alps for a hiking endeavor. $1 million can also pay for a massive wardrobe that consists of leopard-print shoes.


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