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How rich is Maxime Bernier?

Name: Maxime Bernier

Born: January 18, 1963

Occupation: Politician, businessman, attorney and author

Maxime Bernier, fair use
Maxime Bernier, fair use

Maxime Bernier was born in Saint-Georges, Quebec on January 18, 1963. He is the son of Gilles Bernier, a radio host and Member of Parliament, and Doris Rodrigue. He has three siblings: Brigitte, Caroline and Gilles.

Maxime studied at the Universite du Quebec a Montreal, earning a Bachelor of Commerce degree. He then went to the University of Ottawa, obtaining a law degree – in 1990, Maxime was called to the Quebec Bar.

Maxime has been married and has two children: Megan and Charlotte. He was previously involved with Julie Couillard, an author and real estate investor. This relationship significantly impacted Maxime’s image and reputation within the Conservative Party.

Refraining from following his father’s footsteps, Maxime applied his expertise to banking and finance. For nearly two decades, Maxime worked for Standard Life of Canada, the National Bank and the Securities Commission of Quebec. He also served as Executive Vice-President of the Montreal Economic Institute, a free market think tank in Quebec. During his time at the think tank, Maxime co-authored a book on tax reform, a popular topic during every election season.

Maxime was finally urged to join federal politics in 2006 when he became the Conservative Party candidate for Beauce, a riding his father represented. He would win his seat and be re-elected three more times by wide margins. Under the Conservative government, Maxime served as Chair of the Standing Committee on National Defence, Minister of Industry, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Small Business and Tourism. As the Official Opposition, Maxime was appointed by interim leader Ron Ambrose to the role of Critic for Economic Development and Innovation.
He threw his hat in the 2017 Conservative Party leadership race to succeed former Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Maxime is considered to be one of the three frontrunners – Kevin O’Leary and Kellie Leitch are the other two.

Nicknamed “Mad Max” and the “Albertan from Quebec,” Maxime is a big free market proponent, using the likes of Milton Friedman, F.A. Hayek, Henry Hazlitt and even Murray Rothbard as his inspirations. Ultimately, his campaign is based on decentralized federalism with small government and more personal freedoms. Maxime is considered to be the most prominent libertarian in Canada today.

Some of his positions consist of: slashing taxes, eliminating corporate welfare, ending supply management, getting rid of omnibus bills, employing a more non-interventionist foreign policy and promoting private sponsorship of refugees over government sponsored.

We estimate that Maxime Bernier’s net worth is $700,000 (2017).

So how much is $700,000 really?

$700,000 can help cover the cost of the Canadian Conservative Party’s leadership race. $700,000 can also pay for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s trips to the Bahamas.


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