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How rich is Kim Coates?

Name: Kim Coates

Born: February 21, 1958

Occupation: Actor

Kim Coates, fair use
Kim Coates, fair use

Kim Coates was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on February 21, 1958. He is the son of Fred and Joyce Coates.

Kim attended the University of Saskatchewan, where he took drama as an elective. This is where he found his love for acting and immediately focused all of his time on drama.

He is married to Diana and has two children: Kyla and Brenna. The family presently resides in Los Angeles, California. Kim became a citizen of the United States in 2010. Reportedly, he is good friends with actors Kevin Costner, William Fichtner and Theo Rossi, who he co-stars with on television.

Kim’s acting career was started when he played the iconic Stanley Kowalski character in “A Streetcar Named Desire” and portrayed the title character in “Macbeth” at the Stratford Festival.

He would make his feature film debut in the 1986 motion picture “The Boy in Blue.” A year later, he made his television debut in the popular series “Miami Vice.” For the past 30 years, Kim has had an extensive acting career, appearing in such movies as “The Last Boy Scout,” “The Client,” “Waterworld,” “Bad Boys,” “Pearl Harbor,” “Black Hawk Down” and “The Island.”

Despite appearing in a wide array of American and Canadian television productions, like “CSI,” “Prison Break” and “Cold Case,” Kim is widely known for his role as Alexander “Tig” Trager in the hit TV series “Sons of Anarchy.”

His next projects include “Little Mizz Innocent” and a TV mini-series called “Bad Blood.”

He has been nominated for two Gemini Awards for his performances in “Dead Silence” and “Poltergeist: The Legacy.”

Kim’s success in film and TV hasn’t prevented him from performing on stage. In his career, he has appeared in more than 50 plays.

In 2009, Kim was awarded the Half Life Achievement Award for acting at the AOF International Film Festival in Pasadena.

We estimate that Kim Coates’s net worth is $2.5 million (2017).

So how much is $2.5 million really?

$2.5 million can buy you about a dozen motorcycles. $2.5 million can also produce “Macbeth” and “A Streetcar Named Desire” on the stage.


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