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How rich is Andrew Scheer?

Name: Andrew James Scheer

Born: May 20, 1979

Occupation: Politician

Andrew Scheer, fair use
Andrew Scheer, fair use

Andrew Scheer was born on May 20, 1979 in Ottawa, Ontario. He is the son of James Scheer, a librarian, and Mary Gerarda Therese Enright, a nurse. He has two siblings and his brother-in-law, Jon Ryan, is a professional football player.

Andrew attended Immaculata High School. Upon graduation, he attended the University of Ottawa to study history and politics. When he relocated to Regina, he completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Regina.

Andrew is presently married to Jill Scheer. They have five children together: Grace, Henry, Madeline, Mary and Thomas.

One of Andrew’s first jobs was working in the correspondence department of the Office of the Leader of the Opposition. He was also employed at Shenher Insurance. Andrew turned to politics, working in the constituency office of Larry Spencer, a Canadian Alliance Member of Parliament for Regina-Lumsden-Lake Centre.

In 2004, Andrew threw his hat in the federal election by running as the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) candidate for the riding of Regina-Qu’Appelle. He defeated New Democratic Party (NDP) MP Lorne Nystrom by just 861 votes. He was re-elected in 2006, 2011 and 2015.

In 2006, Andrew was appointed Assistant Deputy Chairman of Committees of the Whole and, two years later, he was tapped to be Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons and Chairman of Committees of the Whole. In 2011, Andrew became the youngest House Speaker in the nation’s history.

Following the resignation of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper as head of the Conservatives, Andrew announced that he would be one of 13 candidates to seek the party leadership. Despite Maxime Bernier being the front runner, Andrew was victorious, securing nearly 51 percent of the vote through 13 rounds.

Described as a so-called Blue Tory, some of Andrew’s positions: opposes abortion, supports free speech, opposes medically assisted suicide, supports extending family support, opposes same-sex marriage and supports bringing in the most vulnerable of refugees.

Although he is a social conservative, Andrew has vowed to “reach a broader audience of Canadians.”

We estimate that Andrew Scheer’s net worth is $961,000 (2016).

So how much is $961,000 really?

$961,000 can cover the cost of running for the leadership of a major Canadian political party. $961,000 can also pay for some of the costs to have the Prime Minister’s home at 24 Sussex Drive renovated.


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  1. Erin Webb and Walter Webb

    Andrew I am 73 and worked and raised kids… supported your party for many years…. I am just so worried about how we can survive… We do have a home ,children, grandchildren and great grandchildren …. but after both of us working and paying our taxes on time… Why can’t we collect a decent living wage from OAS>>> The immigrants and natives receive more… We at least need to be able to keep our home maintained… and food on the table…. We are addicted to ciggarets that were pushed on us by the government as children and now can’t even afford them… Then now the government is pushing marijuana…. Are they doing this to gain more money from our great grandcheildren…. ?? If you want my vote and most of my friends.. you should think about giving Canadian born for many generations some consideration at least the same as new immigrants… Why don’t we get at least the same consideration as the Indians… and that is not quite a correct description but they are north amerian natives…. We came next before todays indians. We should be treated as well as them// We are all the same… Our ancesters worked just as hard to settle and add progress to this country………. I know you will never read this or act so don’t expect our vote….It is just so sad to realize there is not one honest politician that even cares about the people who built this country……. God Bless Canada>><< I pray someday we will have a prime minister who believes Canada is a great country of peace a nd fairnous….. Have a great night Hoping for a true prime minister….

  2. OK. So here is a challenge for you, you racist fuck: Tell me 1 – one – thing that immigrants get that you don’t. Just one, you xenophobe.

    You want to know why you don’t have enough money? Because you’re incapable of improving yourself. I mean, look at your spelling and grammar for God’s sake man! Instead you blame everything around you: immigrants, taxes, politicians, the weather, the native Americans. It’s like listening to an alcoholic.

    “I don’t drink! OK, I drink, but not excessively. OK, I drink far too much, but it’s because of stress. And my father was too strict, and my mother too lenient. And the government won’t help me. And my friends don’t support me”.

    Pathetic. Get your ass off the sofa and pull yourself together. My grandfather worked until he was 92 years old and not once did I hear him complain.

  3. john d klippenstein

    Andrew: I just watched (again) your paid advertisement on TV. I am sorry but this is pathetic. Much as I am trying to support the Conservatives, (since I am revolted by the NDP and cannot stand the liberals with their child leader) you are not presenting an image that people will flock to. When I was a child, growing up in a Mennonite community, we had pastors who were relatively untrained and who had difficulty presenting a sermon. To quote an anonymous critic, ” these sermons were great except for three issues. 1. They were read! 2. They were read badly! 3 They were not worth reading! ” Your comments regarding the effects of taxation fall into the same category. Please put away the script and speak from you heart. As long as you sound like a puppet, you have no hope of winning the next or any future election.

  4. Robert Clark

    Hello Andrew-I am Robert Clark, at 87 years I am still lucid-grandson of the Ontario House Speaker past 1950. I was raised a Liberal which meant something much different than now. I was raised on honesty,integrity, family value and true care about others. I have been retire now 32 years. Married with integrity to one woman for 60 years. Five children all successful. The current Government do not understand that “what is right” not “who is right”on matters that affect Canadians of all stripes– Seniors have been forgotten-even though they were the pioneers of a great nation. Money is not in their vocabulary correctly. They complain about personal debt yet spend like drunken sailors.
    I offer some small advice–Get elected with a great team–Avoid the sniping at the P.M.–Get above and a lot above the petty school yard sniping and rise to a place we can and will support you and your team.. WE are sick of our present condition star now start hard with what can be done properly without phony promises–
    Yours Respectfully Mr Robert Clark

  5. Joyce Barbieri

    What i cannot understand is that OAS N CPP.. NEVER GET ANY ATTENTION WHATSOEVER..yet everything else goes up.. us Senior is not even CONSIDERED.
    OUR HEALTH CARE. EVEN HAVING TO PAY. PARKING AT THE Hospital. LAST year I payed over one thousand $ on parking AMD THE YEAR BEFORE..WHEN WILL THIS STOP. Mr Sheer. I will. give you my vote if you are willing to address this malfunction Government. I am speaking for very many.of us Senior.
    Sincerely Joyce , Nando Barbieri

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