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How rich is Judi Dench?

Name: Judith Olivia Dench

Born: December 9, 1934

Occupation: Actress

Judi Dench, fair use
Judi Dench, fair use

Judi Dench was born on December 9, 1934 in Heworth, North Riding of Yorkshire, England. She is the daughter of Reginald Arthur Dench, a doctor, and Eleanora Olive Jones. She has two siblings: Jeffery, an actor, and Peter.

Judi attended The Mount School, a Quaker independent secondary school. She would later attend the Central School of Speech and Drama and earn a first-class degree in drama as well as four acting prizes.

Judi was married to actor Michael Williams from 1971 until his death in 2001. They had one child together, Tara Cressida Frances Williams. She has been in a relationship with David Mills, a conservationist, since 2010.

Judi had always been involved with the theater as actors often lived in the Dench household. Despite starting off as a set designer, Judi wanted to act. One of her first roles was that of the Virgin Mary. In 1957, Judi had her very first professional stage appearance as Ophelia in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.” Her critically acclaimed performance helped her land the role of Katherine in “Henry V.” This enabled her to tour across North America and Europe.

She eventually made her motion picture debut in the film “The Third Secret.”

Throughout the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, Judi would dominate the theater as well as television. She would be nominated for a plethora of prizes, including various BAFTA acting awards and Olivier Awards.

It wasn’t until the mid-1990s when Judi became a major success in Hollywood. In 1995, she played the iconic role of M in the 17th James Bond installment called “GoldenEye.” She would reprise the role several more times. To this date, she has starred in dozens of commercial and critical successes in Hollywood, such as “Shakespeare in Love,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “J. Edgar,” “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” and many, many more.

She is slated to have four more films out over the next 12 months, including “Tulip Fever,” “Victoria and Abdul” and “Murder on the Orient Express.”

Judi has been nominated for seven Academy Awards, 11 Golden Globe Awards and one Tony Award.

Judi has been given a wide array of honors, including the Officer of the Order of the British Empire, the Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire and the Member of the Order of the Companions of Honour.

Outside of the entertainment industry, she has partnered with Survival International to protect tribal people in Botswana and Colombia. She is also an advisor to the American Shakespeare Center. Judi was tapped to be a Vice-President of Revitalise, a charity that offers holidays for those with disabilities. She has collaborated with the likes of Richard Branson and Sting to urge politicians to adopt progressive drug policies, like decriminalizing drugs.

We estimate that Judi Dench’s net worth is $35 million (2017).

So how much is $35 million really?

$35 million can pay for a quarter of the James Bond production budget. $35 million can also produce an epic Shakespeare play on the stage with top-of-the-line actors.


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