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How rich is Darrell Sheets?

Name: Darrell Sheets

Born: May 13, 1958

Occupation: Reality television star and entrepreneur

Darrell Sheets from Storage Wars on A&E Network.
Darrell Sheets from Storage Wars on A&E Network.

Darrell Sheets was born in Covina, California on May 13, 1958.

Darrell was engaged to be married to Kimber Wuerfel, a Huntington Beach real estate agent, but they ended their relationship in 2012. Darrell announced in December 2016 that he is engaged to Romney Snyder, an employee at the HiCaliber Horse Rescue, a non-profit organization that saves horses from slaughter auctions. He has two children, including Brandon, and the family currently resides in San Diego.

For more than 30 years, Darrell has had a career in storage hunting, and it has been a successful endeavor. Throughout his career, Darrell has come across four paintings from legendary artist Pablo Picasso, a large amount of rare comic books, $45,000 worth of classic video games and a letter penned by former United States President Abraham Lincoln. He also discovered a dead body wrapped in a plastic sheet – a man had murdered his wife and stored the corpse in a storage locker.

In 2010, Darrell signed on to join the cast of the hit reality television series “Storage Wars.” Known as The Gambler, he continues to appear on the show to this day.

He made entertainment headlines when it was revealed that Darrell shed more than 100 pounds after joining a weight management program.

We estimate that Darrell Sheets’s net worth is $4.5 million (2017).

So how much is $4.5 million really?

$4.5 million can acquire artwork produced by Pablo Picasso. $4.5 million can also purchase vintage video games that he found in a storage locker.

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