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How rich is Chumlee from Pawn Stars?

Name: Austin Russell

Born: September 8, 1982

Occupation: Reality television star, entrepreneur and actor

Chumlee from Pawn Starts. Photo: History (extract, fair use).
Chumlee from Pawn Starts. Photo: History (extract, fair use).

Chumlee was born in Henderson, Nevada on September 8, 1982. He has two siblings, Terra and Sage.

Chumlee is presently in a relationship with Tanya Hyjazi, a chef at a major Las Vegas casino. He currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada in a $1.4 million home.

Rather than pursue a post-secondary education, Chumlee was employed at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop at the age of 21. He worked there for five years before he became famous from reality television.

In 2009, Chumlee was tapped by the A&E network to appear in the smash hit reality television series “Pawn Stars.” He has been one of the most popular cast members on the show for so many years. Chumlee is seen performing behind-the-counter tasks, like testing items and writing tickets. Chumlee eventually left the series in 2015, venturing on his own.

He has appeared on a wide variety of shows, including “American Restoration,” “Top Gear USA,” “Counting Cars” and “Pawnography.” Chumlee also directed, produced and edited the documentary short “Driven: The Story of Tanner Godfrey.”

Because of his immense popularity and success on the series, Chumlee started his own business that sells merchandise and books dates for any personal appearances. In 2017, Chumlee launched a candy shop in Las Vegas called Chumlee’s Candy on the Boulevard.

In July 2017, he was the victim of a celebrity death hoax after reports claimed that he passed away from a marijuana overdose.

We estimate that Chumlee’s net worth is $5 million (2017).

So how much is $5 million really?

$5 million can purchase three Las Vegas party mansions equipped with strippers a la Chumlee. $5 million can also help francise Chumlee’s Candy on the Boulevard store. Or, since Chumlee is a pinball machine wizard, $5 million can acquire thousands of different pinball systems.

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