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How rich is John Conyers?

Name: John James Conyers Jr.

Born: May 16, 1929

Occupation: Politician

John Conyers, fair use
John Conyers, fair use

John Conyers was born in Highland Park, Michigan on May 16, 1929. He is the son of John Conyers, a labor activist leader, and Lucille Janice Simpson, a housewife. John has one sibling, Nathan.

Prior to serving in the Michigan National Guard, U.S. Army, and the U.S. Army Reserves, John attended Northwestern High School. After returning from Korea, John earned B.A. and LL.B. degrees from Wayne State University.

John was married to Monica Conyers, a former Detroit City Council member, but they divorced in 2015. They have two children, Carl and John III.

Soon after John obtained his admission to the legal bar, he worked on the staff of Congressman John Dingell. He also served as counsel with several labor union local organizations across Detroit.

In 1964, John ran Congress as a Democrat, defeating Republican Robert Blackwell in the then-1st District. He was re-elected 13 times in the House of Representatives, and was the longest-serving member of Congress prior to his resignation in December 2017.

During his time in Washington, John was a member of many caucuses, including the International Conservation Caucus, the Out of Afghanistan Caucus, and the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

He has established or assisted in creating many pieces of legislation, and has voted for key bills, such as the National Health Care Act, the impeachment of President Richard Nixon, H.R. 288 (condemnation of religious intolerance), and the Fair Copyright in Research Works Act. He was also a staunch critic of former President George W. Bush.

At the same time, he has been the subject of multiple controversies: his wife was convicted of bribery, he used staff to babysit and chauffer his children, and utilized congressional funds to transport women to his hotels and offices.

In November 2017, it was widely reported that John was slapped with a long list of sexual misconduct allegations. One of the biggest reports of the scandal came in 2015, when it was discovered that a former employee of Conyers accused him of sexual harassment, but the case was settled when he used public funds totaling $27,000. Because of the mounting allegations, John resigned from his seat on December 5, 2017.

We estimate that John Conyer’s net worth is -$32,000 (2017).

So how much is $-32,000 really?

$-32,000 cannot pay for a congressional campaign. $-32,000 cannot be used to transport women to and from his hotels and offices.


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