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How rich is Geraldo Rivera?

Name: Gerald Michael Rivera

Born: July 4, 1943

Occupation: Attorney, journalist and television personality

Geraldo Rivera, fair use
Geraldo Rivera, fair use

Geraldo Rivera was born in New York City, New York on July 4, 1943. He is the son of Cruz Rivera, a cab driver, and Lillian Friedman, a restaurant employee. He has four siblings: Craig, Sharon, Irene, and Wilfredo. He was raised primarily in a Jewish household.

Geraldo studied at State University of New York Maritime College, and later the University of Arizona. He finished university with a B.S. degree in business administration. Geraldo would eventually enroll at Brooklyn Law School and the University of Pennsylvania Law School, earning a J.D. He was also athletic in college, serving as a goalie on the lacrosse team and a member of the rowing team.

He has been married to Erica Michelle Levy since August 2003. Geraldo, though, has been married four other times: Linda Coblentz (1965 to 1969), Edith Vonnegut (1971 to 1975), Sherryl Raymond (1976 to 1984) and Cynthia Cruickshank Dyer (1987 to 2000). He has four children: Gabriel Miguel, Isabella Holmes, Simone Cruickshank, and Sol Liliana. The Rivera family presently resides in Edgewater, New Jersey.

Prior to college, he floundered around, working at a wide array of jobs, including as a short-order cook and a clothing salesman. During university, he obtained a series of internships, including with the New York County District Attorney.

Once he was admitted to the New York legal bar, Geraldo was tapped by Action for Legal Services, the National Lawyers Guild, and the Young Lords. Eventually, he went into the media after he was offered a job with WABC-TV as a reporter – since he had zero education in journalism, ABC paid for his journalism studies at Columbia.

Following a number of award-winning and critically-acclaimed exposes, features, and series, Geraldo became an international sensation. It should be noted, however, that his reputation took a hit over the “The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults” debacle.

In 1987, Geraldo became one of the leading pioneers of “Trash TV” a la Jerry Springer with his daytime talk show “Geraldo.” It lasted for 11 seasons and featured a wide range of guests: white supremacists, men with weird fetishes, skinheads, and the list goes on. When the show went off the air, he was hired by CNBC to host a weeknight talk show called “Rivera Live,” which was broadcast between 1994 and 2001.

Geraldo joined the Fox News Channel in November 2011, working as a war correspondent. He became a highly controversial figure at the cable television news network for his internal feuds, misreporting, and fights with the media. Geraldo is still employed at the company, and hosts a talk radio show “Geraldo Show” on WABC 770.

He was interested in running for the U.S. Senate in 2013, but decided against the idea.

Since 1972, Geraldo has published several books, including “A Special Kind of Courage: Profiles of Young Americans,” “Exposing Myself,” and “The Great Progression: How Hispanics Will Lead America to a New Era of Prosperity.”

He recently landed in hot water when he defended industry colleague Matt Lauer on Twitter. Geraldo later apologized when his tweet went viral.

We estimate that Geraldo Rivera’s net worth is $15 million (2017).

So how much is $15 million really?

$15 million can buy all of the dirt inside of Al Capone’s vault. $15 million can also help bring back Geraldo Rivera’s daytime TV talk show.


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