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How rich is Richard Spencer?

Name: Richard Bertrand Spencer

Born: May 11, 1978

Occupation: Writer, activist, and public speaker

Richard Spencer, fair use
Richard Spencer, fair use

Richard Spencer was born in Boston, Massachusetts on May 11, 1978. He is the son of Rand Spencer, an ophthalmologist, and Sherry Spencer, an heiress to cotton farms in Louisiana.

Richard attended St. Mark’s School of Texas, and later enrolled in the University of Virginia, earning a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Music. Richard would also receive a Master of Arts in the Humanities from the University of Chicago, and a Ph.D. in modern European intellectual history at Duke University.

He is married to Nina Kouprianova, a translator. The couple currently live in Whitefish, Montana and Arlington, Virginia.

Richard’s career objective was “to pursue a life of thought-crime,” primarily through political activism and writing. In 2007, Richard served as an assistant editor at The American Conservative magazine, but was terminated for being “too extreme.” He later acted as an executive editor at Taki’s Magazine. Richard eventually launched and

In 2011, Richard became executive director of Washington Summit Publishers and president and director of the National Policy Institute. As head of both organizations, he regularly publishes controversial books and papers and delivers public speeches representing the groups.

In the wake of President Donald Trump’s upset and historical election victory, Richard has become a prominent figure in the media, labeled as the leader of the Alt-Right movement – he claims he coined the term.

What makes Richard a controversial individual are his views on race, in which he wants to create a White Ethno-State. He objects to those who claim he supports slavery and white supremacy.

Some of his political stances are: supporting abortion because it would reduce the number of blacks and Hispanics, supporting universal healthcare because it would help white people, opposing same-sex marriage, opposing military interventions and war, and supporting the view that women should return to traditional roles like childbearing and homemaking.

Though he voted for former Senator John Kerry in the 2004 presidential campaign, Richard voted for Trump in 2016, causing a stir for his “Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!” remarks. He has since been denied speaking at various colleges and universities across the United States.

Much of Richard’s wealth derives from his mother’s cotton farms.

We estimate that Richard Spencer’s net worth is $185 million (2017).

So how much is $185 million really?

$185 million can publish as many books as you wish and sell them in the open market. $185 million can also open up various think-tanks that hold controversial, politically incorrect opinions.


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