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How rich is Shaun King?

Name: Jeffrey Shaun King

Born: September 17, 1979

Occupation: Writer, motivational speaker and activist

Shaun King, fair use
Shaun King, fair use

Shaun King was born in Franklin County, Kentucky on September 17, 1979. He is the son of Naomi King Fleming and his adoptive father Jeffrey Wayne King. He has two siblings: Jason and Russ.

Shaun attended Huntertown Elementary School and Woodford County High School. Upon graduation, Shaun enrolled at Morehouse College, a private, black men’s college in Atlanta, Georgia, studying history. Two years into his post-secondary studies, Shaun had to leave because of a medical condition. He graduated in 2002 and received a research assistant position at the college.

He has been married to Rai King since 2003, and they have four children: Kendi, Savannah, Taeyonna, and Ezekiel.

Following his stint at university, Shaun became a high school civics teacher, which lasted for roughly one year. He decided to become a motivational speaker as well as a pastor. In 2008, he launched a church called the Courageous Church in Atlanta, which also became the umbrella for charities – they raised millions of dollars for a wide array of causes.

Shaun stepped down from his role in the church, and contracted the entrepreneurial bug two years later. He co-founded HopeMob, a social media platform.

In 2015, Shaun turned to writing, penning the book “The Power of 100.” He was also hired by The New York Daily News as its senior justice writer, reporting on topics like race and social justice. A year later, he was hired by Cenk Uygur and The Young Turks as well as The Intercept as a political commentator. He regularly opines on the Trump administration and his assertions that 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is engulfed in white supremacy.

Shaun has been a vocal activist, promoting issues of importance to Black Lives Matter, like social justice and race relations. This has impacted the movement because many critics have questioned Shaun’s race, referring to his light skin and police paperwork stating that he is white.

We estimate that Shaun King’s net worth is $500,000 (2017).

So how much is $500,000 really?

$500,000 can purchase every copy of The New York Daily News newspaper that has a column by Shaun King for your entire life. $500,000 can also contribute to many causes important to the Courageous Church.


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