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How rich is Tommy Wiseau?

Name: Piotr Wieczorkiewicz

Born: October 3, 1955

Occupation: Filmmaker

Tommy Wiseau, fair use
Tommy Wiseau, fair use

Tommy Wiseau was born in Poznan, Poland on October 3, 1955.

Tommy’s past, including his relationship history, is quite elusive. Indeed, much of what has been learned about the filmmaker has been through second-hand sources and minor tidbits from Tommy himself.

In the 1980s, Tommy attempted to break into Hollywood. He participated in Vincent Chase’s acting class in the 1990s, and also attended film classes at Los Angeles Community College.

Influenced by Marlon Brando, Orson Welles, James Dean, and Alfred Hitchcock, Tommy began to produce and direct his own motion pictures. His first project was a student film called “Robery Doesn’t Pay,” a movie about a man looking at cars in Los Angeles, California.

In 2003, Tommy starred, wrote, produced, and directed “The Room,” which has been described as one of the worst movies ever made. Despite a $6 million budget, the film is often out of focus, made in front of a green screen, and full of sterile acting. Fortunately for Tommy, it would not only become a cult classic, it would also serve as the basis of a critically-acclaimed feature film starring James Franco called “The Disaster Artist.”

Following the modest success “The Room,” Tommy would venture into other projects, including “The House That Drips Blood on Alex,” “Playboy Adventures,” “Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance,” “The Neighbors,” and “Best F(r)iends,” which will contain a sequel entitled “Best F(r)iends: Volume Two.”

To promote “The Disaster Artist,” Tommy has started to appear on late-night talk shows.

We estimate that Tommy Wiseau’s net worth is $500,000 (2018).

So how much is $500,000 really?

$500,000 can produce your own independent film, feature or short. $500,000 can also cover the cost of attending every screening of “The Room” across the North America.


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