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How rich is Rose McGowan?

Name: Rose Arianna McGowan

Born: September 5, 1973

Occupation: Actress, author, and musician

Rose McGowan, fair use
Rose McGowan, fair use

Rose McGowan was born in Tuscany, Italy on September 5, 1973. She is the daughter of Daniel McGowan, an artist, and Terri, a writer – her parents also managed a religious organization known as the Children of God. She has two siblings.

When Rose and her father relocated to Portland, Oregon, Rose attended Roosevelt High School and Nova Alternative High School.

She was in a serious relationship with musician Marilyn Manson. Rose then entered into a relationship with filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, who she then became engaged to, but they split up soon afterwards. In October 2013, Rose married artist Davey Detail, but the couple divorced in November 2016.

Her career in the entertainment industry began when she was a child, working as a child model and appearing in Vogue Bambini and a wide array of other local publications. She took a brief hiatus from the industry, and would be employed at McDonald’s in her teenage years – Rose eventually returned to entertainment.

In 1992, Rose made her feature film debut in the motion picture “Encino Man.” Three years later, Rose garnered critical acclaim for her role in “The Doom Generation.” She also was a part of the blockbuster smash hit “Scream.” For the next several years, Rose would appear in numerous independent or forgettable movies. In 2001, Rose would join the popular TV series “Charmed,” and would portray the role of Paige Matthews until the series finale in 2006.

When the show came to an end, Rose returned to the silver screen, and star in several projects, including “Grindhouse,” “The Black Dahlia,” “The Bell Jar,” and “Terminator Salvation.” She has provided the voice for a handful of video games. Rose will star in a five-part reality television series called “Citizen Rose.”

Throughout her acting career, Rose also delved into music, performing the backup vocals of bands, and even releasing her debut single “RM486.”

With her newfound feminism and activism, Rose released a book titled “Brave.” In 2017, Rose became one of the many faces of the #MeToo movement, claiming to be a rape victim of Harvey Weinstein.

We estimate that Rose McGowan’s net worth is $18 million (2018).

So how much is $18 million really?

$18 million can produce the remake of the 1970s sci-fi cult classic “Barbarella” – Rose McGowan was scheduled to appear in its remake in the mid-2000s. $18 million can also total the amount of sexual harassment settlements from sexual deviants in the entertainment industry, like Bill O’Reilly.


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