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How rich is Ben Affleck?

Name: Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt, aka Ben Affleck
Born: 15 August 1972
Occupation: Actor, Writer, Director

Ben Affleck.  Photo: Flickr.
Ben Affleck playing poker. He can afford to lose! Photo: Flickr.

Although Ben Affleck appeared in some reasonably successful movies in his early 20s, he is most renowned for launching his own career by co-writing the box office hit Good Will Hunting with Matt Damon. It is well known that both of these actors decided they were unhappy with the roles they had been receiving and decided to write their own movie to star in. In fact, Good Will Hunting was such a huge success that Affleck was given a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award for best screenplay.

Since then, Ben has appeared in lead roles in a wealth of great movies, including Armageddon, The Sum of All Fears and Daredevil. He has received a whole host of different awards for his acting and has been shortlisted several times for Golden Globe Awards.

Affleck’s personal life has always attracted a great deal of attention from the press, not least because he is widely considered as a heartthrob. As such, his relationships have often been placed under intense scrutiny from journalists and paparazzi. His A-List status was fully confirmed when he became one half of America’s most loved celebrity couples, dubbed ‘Bennifer’ throughout his long-term relationship with Jennifer Lopez. The two superstars went their separate ways in 2004. Ben is now married to fellow Hollywood success, Jennifer Garner, with whom he has two daughters and a son.

From all his Hollywood success, we estimate Ben’s net worth to be about $65,000,000 (40,700,000 GBP).

So how much is $65 million really?

With two young daughters to impress, maybe Ben Affleck would be wise to make some serious investments next time he takes the girls toy shopping. In fact, if he wants to earn the title of ‘Best Dad in the Universe,’ he should probably consider finding one of the world’s most expensive toys, like a jewel-encrusted Barbie, for example. In 2011, a limited edition Barbie designed by world-famous jewellery designer, Stefano Canturi, sold at auction for an eye-popping $300,000. He could purchase two for his girls and and one for 214 of their closest friends.

Of course, nobody knows how generous Affleck really is – maybe he’d rather spend his millions on indulging himself. If that is the case, Affleck could blow a whopping $2.4 million on the world’s fastest accelerating car, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sports model, to be precise. There’s nothing like living life in the fast lane and, with a top speed of 267mph, this really is a sports car to get some adrenalin rushing through your veins.

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