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How rich is Tulsi Gabbard?

Name: Tulsi Gabbard

Born: April 12, 1981

Occupation: Military veteran, philanthropist, and politician

Tulsi Gabbard, fair use
Tulsi Gabbard, fair use

Tulsi Gabbard was born in Leloaloa, American Samoa on April 12, 1981. She is the daughter of Mike Gabbard, a Catholic lecter, and Carol Porter Gabbard. She has four siblings.

Tulsi was primarily home-schooled during her high school days, though she did two years at a girls-only missionary academy. She would later study at Hawaii Pacific University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Tulsi also graduated from the Alabama Military Academy’s Accelerated Officer Candidate School.

In 2002, Tulsi married Eduardo Tamayo, but they were divorced in 2006. In April 2015, Tulsi married Abraham Williams. The couple presently split their time in her home state of Hawaii and Washington, D.C.

Tulsi signed up in the Hawaii Army National Guard, and would voluntarily deploy to Iraq for a 12-month tour in July 2004. She served in a field medical unit as a specialist with the 29th Support Battalion medical company and served at the Logistical Support Area Anaconda. In 2006, Tulsi volunteered for another deployment to the Middle East. In October 2015, Tulsi was promoted from captain to major.

Outside of her extensive military service, Tulsi has been engaged in local, state, and national politics. Tulsi has acted as a legislative aide to U.S. Senator Daniel Akaka, a member of the Honolulu City Council, and presently as a Democratic Congresswoman representing Hawaii.

Despite being a Democrat, Tulsi has often parted with her party on several issues, including foreign policy. She often speaks out against regime change, military intervention, and bombing of foreign countries. Tulsi went as far as speaking with President Donald Trump before he took office to warn him against the neoconservative agenda and the foreign policy of the last two decades. Both her foreign policy positions and engagement with Trump garnered criticism from the media and the Democrats.

Outside of foreign policy, she has opposed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), advocated against weapons deals with Saudi Arabia, supported environmental causes, endorsed abortion, supported marijuana legalization, and co-sponsored bills recognizing same-sex marriages. Some analysts think Tulsi is a strong contender to run for U.S. president in 2020.

She has been quite the philanthropist, too, co-founding the Healthy Hawaiʻi Coalition and Stand Up For America.

Throughout her extensive career, Tulsi has been honored with many awards and recognitions, including the John F. Kennedy New Frontier Award, Voices for National Service’s Outstanding New Member Award, and the National Parks Conservation Association’s Friend of the National Parks Award.

We estimate that Tulsi Gabbard’s net worth is $200,000 (2018).

So how much is $200,000 really?

$200,000 can cover about five percent of a typical congressional election campaign. $200,000 can also pay for the annual salary of a member of Congress.


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