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How rich is Joe Rogan?

Name: Joseph James Rogan

Born: August 11, 1967

Occupation: Media personality, comedian, host, and actor

Joe Rogan, fair use
Joe Rogan, fair use

Joe Rogan was born in Newark, New Jersey on August 11, 1967. He is the son of Joseph Rogan, a police officer, and his parents divorced when he was just five years of age.

After moving around the country, Joe’s family finally settled down in Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts, where he attended Newton South High School. He enrolled in University Massachusetts Boston, but he dropped out because he found it meaningless.

In 2001, Joe was in a relationship with actress and reality television personality Jerri Manthey. In 2009, Joe married Jessica, and the couple have three children including a daughter from his wife’s previous marriage. The family currently resides in California.

Joe became deeply interested in martial arts when he was a teenager. He studied karate and taekwondo, and eventually competed in the sport. When he was 19, Joe won a U.S. Open Championship tournament and a Massachusetts full-contact state championship four consecutive years. Joe transitioned into instructing – he also studied amateur kick boxing.

What may seem like a sudden shift in careers, Joe became a stand-up comedian. He traveled the country, performing professional comedy, and he was quite successful in this endeavor. Like other comedians, he went to Hollywood, garnering acting roles in film and television, including “NewsRadio,” “Hardball,” and “Just Shoot Me!” He still appears in motion pictures, such as 2011’s “Zookeeper,” 2012’s “Here Comes the Boom,” and 2017’s “Blinded.”

He became well-known for his hosting duties of the hit reality television series “Fear Factor.” Combining his love for entertainment and mixed martial arts (MMA), he was tapped to be an announcer for UFC. Joe continues to lend his voice to UFC pay-per-views.

In recent years, Joe has been celebrated for his incredible podcast titled “The Joe Rogan Experience.” The podcast interviews a wide variety of people: ranging from Ben Shapiro to Steven Crowder to Jordan Peterson to Steven Pinkner to Peter Schiff. It has become one of the most popular podcasts on the Internet today.

We estimate that Joe Rogan’s net worth is $23 million (2018).

So how much is $23 million really?

$23 million could start your own podcast with top-quality equipment. $23 million could also start your own MMA promotion, or open your own comedy club.


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