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How rich is Daniel Kaluuya?

Name: Daniel Kaluuya

Born: February 24, 1989

Occupation: Actor

Daniel Kaluuya, fair use
Daniel Kaluuya, fair use

Daniel Kaluuya was born in London, England on February 24, 1989. He is the son of Ugandan Immigrants, Stephen and Damlie, and he has an older sister.

He studied at St. Aloysius College in London.

Daniel is in a relationship with Amanda, and they live in West London.

Daniel first became involved in acting when he was just nine years old. He wrote a play and performed improvisational theater. Despite not attending acting school, Daniel pursued his thespian aspirations which was a successful journey from the start, obtaining numerous gigs.

One of his first roles was in the television drama “Shoot the Messenger,” followed by “Skins,” which he was a contributing and head writer for a few episodes. This helped Daniel land several other television, radio, and stage roles, such as “Doctor Who,” “FM,” “Dark Mirror,” and “Bellamy’s People.”

He then transitioned to the silver screen, earning parts in short films and feature-length motion pictures. Some of his most notable early appearances were “Johnny English Reborn,” “Kick-Ass 2,” and “Sicaro.”

Daniel’s big break occurred in 2016 when he starred in the sleeper, critically-acclaimed, and box office smash hit “Get Out.” He was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor, which went to Gary Oldman for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in “Darkest Hour.” But his celebrated performance was followed up by another critical and box office success “Black Panther.” He has two other projects he is working on: a TV mini-series called “Watership Down” and a film titled “Widows.”

Outside of the entertainment industry, Daniel is a big soccer fan – he is a diehard supporter of Arsenal FC. He also enjoys grime music.

We estimate that Daniel Kaluuya’s net worth is $1 million (2018).

So how much is $1 million really?

$1 million can purchase an apartment in West London. $1 million can also produce a short film.


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