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How rich is David Letterman?

Name: David Michael Letterman
Born: 12 April 1947
Occupation: Television host, comedian

David Lettermann. Photo: USAF.
David Lettermann. Photo: USAF.

David Letterman is a comedic television host who has been on television longer than any other late night host. Although his show, Late Night with David Letterman, has withstood the test of time, he’s had career highs and lows, especially in the ratings department. He got his start in show business at Ball State University in Indiana where he was a weatherman and announcer on the college’s student run radio station. After that, he went on to do weather on television.

In 1969 he married his first wife, Michelle Cook. She later convinced him he should be in Los Angeles working and the two packed up and moved west in 1975. In addition to writing, he began doing stand up comedy at The Comedy Store in West Hollywood. This gig lead to appearing on many different television shows including the then popular $20,000 Pyramid, The Gong Show, and Password Plus. He was eventually spotted by people from The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson and began to be a frequent guest on his show. Then, as Johnny Carson was out of town or taking a break, Letterman would fill in as a guest host.

In 1980 Letterman got his own show called The David Letterman Show which aired on NBC.  Although he gained critical success he didn’t have the ratings needed to continue; they moved him into a different time slot in an attempt to gain more viewers. He did get the viewers, but eventually took the show to CBS where he’s been ever since. He has had guests ranging from Angelina Jolie to Bill Gates.

Since David has been in show business for quite a while, he’s had plenty of time to amass quite a fortune.  From all of his years at it, we’ve come up with an estimate that David Letterman’s net worth to be $400,000,000 dollars (251,308,000 GBP).

So how much is $400 million dollars really?

Let’s just say that if David Letterman ever got sick of talking to people, he could spend some quality alone time on a private island in Florida on Melody Key.  If he really liked it, he could buy the island and 39 others just like it with his large bank account.

But there are some things in life that money can’t buy….well, at least not David Letterman’s money. With that cool $400 million he couldn’t even afford to own one-fourth of the notorious Dallas Cowboys football team.

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