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How rich is Scott Boras?

Name: Scott Dean Boras

Born: November 2, 1952

Occupation: Sports Agent

Scott Boras, fair use
Scott Boras, fair use

Scott Boras was born in Sacramento, California on November 2, 1952. He is the son of a dairy farmer and has one sibling, Gerry.

He studied at the University of the Pacific, playing baseball at the post-secondary institution. He graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 1977, and returned to the university to earn a law degree at the McGeorge School of Law.

Scott has been married to Jeanette Boras, and they have three children: Shane, Trent, and Natalie. The family currently resides in Newport, California.

After college, he played four years under the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs in the minor league system. He never made his major league debut. Following a failed baseball career, Scott went into private practice, working for the Chicago law firm Rooks, Pitts & Poust.

Scott became a sports agent in the 1980s, eventually forming the Boras Corporation, a sports agency that specialized in baseball. Thanks to the mega contracts his organization got for a large number of baseball players, it quickly became the most valuable single-sport agency in the world. Some of his most valuable contracts are: Prince Fielder’s $214 million contract, Kevin Brown’s $105 million contract, Alex Rodriguez’s $252 million contract, Barry Zito’s $126 million deal, Max Scherzer’s $210 million deal, Jacoby Ellsbury’s $153 million contract, and Mark Teixeira’s $180 million contract.

Scott has been blasted by fans and management alike for his outlandish contracts for players. The tide has turned, however, in recent years as many of his clients remain free agents even with the 2018 MLB season on the horizon. He routinely made baseball headlines in the 2017/2018 offseason for trying to land a $200 million deal for client J.D. Martinez, which was eventually reduced to just over $100 million by the Boston Red Sox.

We estimate that Scott Boras’s net worth is $200 million (2018).

So how much is $275 million really?

$275 million can pay for the entire payroll of the Boston Red Sox. $275 million can also cover the cost of Giancarlo Stanton’s contract.


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